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Veran Matic: How did the proposal for amendments to the Criminal Code come about?

He said in a statement that he felt the need to make public some information important for the discussion and public debate on the amendments to the law, which have been problematized in recent days through various texts and interviews.
On that occasion, we are transmitting his statement in its entirety:

Week in Review: Battles Big and Small

Ambitious Plans

Serbian President Vucic, PM Ana Brnabic met the Rio Tinto delegation. June 2021. Photo: Serbia's Presidency

Serbia, or rather its western part, sits on top of some of Europe's largest lithium reserves. The metal is a key component of batteries which are crucial to the success of Europe's planned and much mooted 'green transition'.

Brnabic with Wang Yi; "Our ambition to develop relations further is great"

Brnabic thanked China for the assistance that China provided to Serbia during the coronavirus pandemic in professional medical care, equipment and support in vaccination.
That, Brnabi added, only strengthened the iron friendship between the two countries, which is deepening with the project of building a factory for the production of vaccines by the Chinese company Sinopharm.

Almost 7.000 newly infected, 64 people died

There are 277 patients on respirators, and 6,791 patients are on hospital treatment. As it is stated, the analysis of 24,490 samples was done.
Since the beginning of the epidemic, 6,230,395 samples have been tested in Serbia, and the virus has been confirmed in 1,118,905.
The mortality rate is 0.87.

Serbian Model Quits Beauty Contest over Photo with Albanian Symbol

Valentina Petrovic apologised and pulled out of the Miss Intercontinental beauty pageant on Tuesday after Serbian media reacted furiously to a photograph of her with other contestants from Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania making hand gestures in the shape of double-headed eagles was published on Instagram.

Historical Revisionism is Serbian State Policy, Report Claims

The Serbian authorities are using memorialisation of the 1990s wars to manufacture a populist narrative of national pride and victimhood for political advantage, says a new report by the Humanitarian Law Centre which was launched on Tuesday evening in Belgrade.

"Serbia does not want to reach agreement with Kosovo"

She said on Channel 10 that Serbia is not interested in reaching an agreement with self-proclaimed Kosovo.
"Serbia is not interested in peace, nor in resolving the issue of the missing, and does not intend to reach an agreement with Kosovo," Osmani said, RTK2 reports.

Prison breaker linguist declared persona non grata in Greece

Turkish-Armenian writer Sevan Nişanyan, who has been living in Greece after fleeing a Turkish prison four years ago, has said that he has been declared "persona non grata" by the Athens administration. 

The meeting of SNS and SPS on cooperation has started PHOTO

The meeting is being held at the headquarters of the Progressives in New Belgrade, and the meeting, in addition to SNS and SPS leaders, is attended by SNS Vice President Milos Vucevic, SNS Executive Board President Darko Glisic, SNS Main Board Vice President Aleksandar Sapic, SPS CSO President Aleksandar Antic.

Kosovo University Teaches Serbian Again, Two Decades After War

"Balkanistica was originally designed as a bilingual programme and its content will be unique. It is not only about the scientific aspects of the languages in the Balkans, but also the cultural, historical and literary aspects," Rugova told BIRN.

For the Serbian Patriarch, North Macedonia does not exist

The Serbian Orthodox Church, the most loyal ally of modern Serbian chauvinism in the Balkans, began celebrations on the 700th anniversary of the death of King Stefan II Milutin (1282-29 October 1321) in RN Macedonia, but without inviting local scholars, a BGNES reporter reported.