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German Chancellor Angela Merkel Called on Kosovo and Serbia to Reach an Agreement by the End of 2020

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia to "roll up their sleeves" and reach a mutual agreement.

During virtual talks at the EU-Western Balkans summit, Merkel spoke with Aleksandar Vučić and Hashim Thaçi and called on them to reach an agreement by the end of this year, BGNES reported, citing the Ina news agency.

Democracy Digest: Frustration Looms Over Western Balkans

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Pandemic Boosts Support for Europe's Autocrats

Linda Van Gelder, the World Bank's director for the Western Balkans, was unequivocal in stating that the coronavirus "is wreaking havoc on lives around the region — taxing health care systems, paralysing economic activity and undermining the wellbeing of people".

South Korean Firm Urges Serbian Workers to Leave Self-Isolation

Predrag Stojanovic, the union leader at the Yura Corporation factory in Leskovac in southern Serbia, told BIRN that the company has asked dozens of workers to return to their jobs a day after sending them home to self-isolate on Monday because they were in contact with infected colleagues.

Week in Review: The Aftermath of COVID-19

Electoral Rush

As the current wave of the coronavirus pandemic seems to be waning, politics is coming back to life. In fact, it may well be getting more lively than before the pandemic.

"It is not Grenell, Borrell and Lajcak who are changing the (Kosovo) borders"

"Neither Grenell, nor Borrell, or Lajcak can change borders or exchange territories," President of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, said in a post on Facebook.
The LDK President says Pristina must trust its allies, believe in the US and EU, as well as in itself.

Orban’s ‘Greater Hungary’ Map Creates Waves in Neighbourhood

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic responded artfully on Thursday to a provocative Facebook post by the Hungarian leader that depicted a map of Greater Hungary - i.e. with the much bigger borders of the old Hungarian kingdom before the end of World War I, which included much of modern Croatia.

Serbia Lifted the State of Emergency

The Serbian parliament has lifted the state of emergency which was announced on March 15th because of the new coronavirus.

Serbia has met all the conditions recommended by the World Health Organization, Prime Minister Ana Brnabić said, addressing lawmakers:

Serbia’s President Turned the Pandemic Into a Tacky Campaign

Vucic had been calling all the shots and making all the decisions in Serbia even before the state of emergency was declared. During the state of emergency, while institutions are not functioning and parliament is not in session, his position as an absolute ruler has been further fortified.

Serbia’s Graft Agency Ignores BIRN Probe Into Minister’s Husband’s Deals

BIRN contacted ACAS, asking whether it had started probing potential corruption worth tens of millions of euros in public procurement deals, which were won by companies connected to Bojan Kisic, husband of Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic. No response arrived by the time of publication.

China’s Balkan Investments Are Paradoxically Speeding Region’s EU Integration

The Western Balkans not only provides China with a convenient foothold inside of Europe but is also in need of infrastructure investment and possesses a well-educated and reasonably priced labor force.

Furthermore, the region's comparatively weaker and looser regulatory policy framework that governs business activity also makes the Western Balkans appealing to Chinese corporations.

"Serbia is part of the 'Europe team'"

She stated that Serbia was "part of the Europe team" which collected over 4 billion dollars for the fight against COVID-19.
"Western Balkans belongs to the EU and no one in the EU questions this. I firmly believe that the EU has a special responsibility to help its partners in the region," von der Leyen said.