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Balkan countries take measures to help youth find jobs

Balkan countries take measures to help youth find jobs

Regional countries are subsidising temporary employment and paid internships to help young people find jobs.

Enterprising young people, such as this pair in Sarajevo (above), used billboards in the past to attract employers' attention. The sign reads: "I am looking for a job!" [AFP]

Dacic: We promise safe path to EU

BELGRADE - Leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) Ivica Dacic stated on Sunday that the coalition headed by him will guarantee a safe continuation of the EU path in the early parliamentary elections, as well as reforms in a 'human form' and laws which serve the interests of employees and not tycoons.

Serb refugees from Croatia welcome State Department report

BELGRADE - There is no genuine political will in Croatia to find a fair lasting solution to key issues of hundreds of thousands of banished Serbs and Serb returnees, the Coalition of Refugee Associations in Serbia released on Sunday.

Germany's support to solution of asylum-seekers issue

BELGRADE/BERLIN - Serbian State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior (MUP) Vladimir Bozovic asked in Berlin for Germany's support in the search for a solution to the false asylum-seekers issue.

Gusenbauer: Serbia crucial factor in Western Balkans

BELGRADE - Serbian government advisor Alfred Gusenbauer stated that it is of strategic importance for Serbia to stabilise in economic and political terms because it is the crucial country in the Western Balkans.

The initiation of EU accession talks is a sign that the EU appreciates Serbia's reforms, Gusenbauer said in an interview for Radio-Television of Serbia.

Vucic: New government will be formed quickly

LESKOVAC - Leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Aleksandar Vucic said on Saturday that a new government will be formed shortly after early parliamentary elections set for March 16, so that essential reforms could be continued.

Milica Mandic takes gold at Bahrain Open

MANAMA - Milica Mandic, Serbia's Olympic champion in taekwondo, claimed a gold medal in the women's under 73 kg event at the Bahrain Open on Saturday.

The tournament in Bahrain, which brought together around 500 athletes from 28 countries, brings points for the world's ranking and direct qualification to the Olympic Games that will be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Kostunica: Serbia subjected to aggressive propaganda

BELGRADE - Leader of the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) Vojislav Kostunica said on Saturday that Serbia's moral and traditional values are at risk, and that the country is being subjected to aggressive propaganda aimed at historical revisionism and change in the historical conscience.

Vucic: Neither Ukrainian nor Bosnian scenario

VLADICIN HAN - Neither the Ukrainian nor Bosnian scenario will happen in Serbia as long as the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is in power and has the trust of citizens, SNS leader Aleksandar Vucic said on Saturday.

PKS signs deal with Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce

BELGRADE - President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) Zeljko Sertic and President of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce Jaafar Al-Hamdani signed an agreement on business cooperation on Friday aimed at improving economic relations and facilitating cooperation between businessmen.

Former minister Radulovic submits electoral list

BELGRADE - Former minister of economy Sasa Radulovic submitted a slate titled "Enough of That" on Friday evening, fielding 70 candidates for MPs for early parliamentary elections set for March 16.

In a statement to reporters, Radulovic underscored that the objective of his list is the fight against the particracy led by Aleksandar Vucic, leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).

Nikolic: Serbia's global position improves

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic stated on Friday that Serbia has proved to be a reliable partner and an honest friend, and improved its reputation and position in the world, adding that this approach would not change after the early parliamentary elections on March 16.

Segol: Reforms call for social dialogue

BELGRADE - Decisions about amending an important law such as labor law cannot be made without respect for opinions of all social partners, Secretary General of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) Bernadette Segol has said.