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Last Chance for Serbian National Carrier

BIRN obtained five draft agreements made by UAE’s Etihad Airways, the Serbian government and Jat Airways, six days before the three parties signed contracts on a strategic partnership on August 1.

In November 2013, Air Serbia refused Transparency Serbia’s request to see the airline's contract with Etihad, stating commercial confidentiality.

Serbia needs umbrella law on services

BRUSSELS - Serbia is about to tackle adjustments of regulations in the service sector with European standards, Serbia's chief negotiator in the accession talks with the EU Tanja Miscevic said during another round of screening in Brussels.

Celebration of dance - 11th BDF starts on March 30

BELGRADE - The eleventh edition of the Belgrade Dance Festival (BDF), taking place from March 30 to April 14, will feature artists at the forefront of the global dance scene, BDF director Aja Jung said on Wednesday.

LDP in "campaign marathon" ahead of election silence

LDP in "campaign marathon" ahead of election silence

BELGRADE -- The Liberal-Democrats have announced that they will use the last moments of the campaign to embark "on a big marathon across Serbia, Vojvodina, and Belgrade."

Serbia ranks 28th on FIFA list

ZURICH - Serbia's soccer team improved its ranking by one position on the list of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and now occupies the 28th place on the list with the score at 762 points.

The team coached by Ljubinko Drulovic made progress on the list thanks to the victory against Ireland in the friendly match in Dublin last week, 2-1.

Kostunica: Political neutrality only path for Serbia

BELGRADE - The Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) held a closing election rally in Belgrade, and the party's leader Vojislav Kostunica underlined anew that the country should abandon the EU integration path as the policy of neutrality is the only freedom for Serbia.

90 polling stations in Kosovo

BELGRADE - Deputy Secretary of the Election Commission of Serbia Veljko Odalovic said on Thursday the Kosovo Serbs will be able to cast their vote in the Serbian parliamentary election on March 16 at 90 polling stations across Kosovo, just like in the 2012 election.

Vucic: Wide consensus needed for new government

BELGRADE - Leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Aleksandar Vucic stated that his party will not constitute the government alone even if it wins absolute majority in the election, and underscored that it is important to achieve a wider national consensus on the matter.

3% of Global Retail Chains Plan Expansion in Bulgaria – CBRE Report

Bulgaria ranks 46th in a report of property consultants CBRE on the top destinations for expanding global retail chains.

According to the survey, as cited by, some 3% of the polled international retail chains expressed interest in expanding their business in Bulgaria.

Macao, India, Oman and Serbia have similar scores.

Campaign to end Thursday,election silence begins at midnight

BELGRADE - Thursday is the last day for the political parties to try to win the trust of voters as the election silence ahead of Sunday's snap elections will begin at midnight.

The election silence will last by the close of polls at 20:00 CET on March 16.

According to the latest opinion poll by polling agency Faktor Plus, the number of sway voters stands at 20 percent.

Serbia Urged to Tighten Checks on Party Funds

Ahead of the March 16 general elections, experts say Serbia should monitor parties’ campaign finances more strictly - and the state auditor should help with the task.

Vojvodina receives award for investment effectiveness

CANNES/NOVI SAD - The president of the Vojvodina government Bojan Pajtic has received in Cannes, France, the award won by Vojvodina as Europe's highest-ranked mid-sized region in terms of investment cost-effectiveness, the press office of the provincial government said in a statement.

Djilas: DS wants Serbian scenario

BELGRADE - Democratic Party (DS) leader Dragan Djilas has said that the DS will never hope for the Ukrainian scenario or the North Korean one, where one hundred percent of people vote for one man, but it rather wishes a Serbian scenario.

FIFA rejects FSS objection

BELGRADE - The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) rejected the objection filed by the Football Association of Serbia (FSS) which requested that the decision be revoked according to which the Kosovo team is allowed to play friendly matches.

Vucic to meet with Kohl, German investors on Thursday

BELGRADE - Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic will on Thursday pay a one-day working visit to Germany, where he will meet with potential investors and former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, said a statement from Vucic's office.