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Putin: Crimean leadership follow "Kosovo precedent"

MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the Crimean leadership declared independence based on the “well-known Kosovo precedent”, which was created by the western countries themselves.

Brussels welcomes Saric's arrest

BRUSSELS - The European Commission (EC) welcomes the arrest of Darko Saric, and expects an efficient trial in line with the European standards, it was released in Brussels on Tuesday.

Economic activity rises at beginning of 2014

BELGRADE - Economic activity rose at the beginning of this year and total industrial production grew by 3.8 percent in January compared to the same month last year, the editor of Belgrade-based Makroekonomske analize i trendovi (MAT) magazine Vladimir Vuckovic said on Tuesday.

Putin Says Kosovo Precedent Justifies Crimea Secession

Addressing the Russian parliament on Tuesday to urge lawmakers to ratify a treaty that would make Crimea part of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin compared Crimea's secession from Ukraine to Kosovo's secession from Serbia.

The Russian President spoke after 96.8 per cent of people who voted on Sunday in a referendum in Crimea backed calls to join the Russian Federation.

Darko Šarić case - key moments

Darko Šarić case - key moments

BELGRADE -- Alleged drug lord Darko Šarić first grabbed the headlines in October 2009 when the Uruguayan police seized 2.8 tons of cocaine at the port of Santiago Vazquez.

Dinkic files resignation to position of URS leader

BELGRADE - Leader of the United Regions of Serbia (URS) Mladjan Dinkic filed a resignation to his position after the electoral debacle of his party and until the appointment of the new leader, the party will be headed by Verica Kalanovic and Veroljub Stevanovic.

Minister: Šarić was not hiding in Montenegro

Minister: Šarić was not hiding in Montenegro

PODGORICA -- Montenegrin Justice Minister Duško Marković has said that Darko Šarić was in Montenegro only for a short time on Tuesday morning.

The suspected drug lord "saw his family at the airport in Podgorica," the minister specified, and added:

Croatia Says Serbia’s Genocide Case ‘Has Failed’

Belgrade has not proved its wartime genocide claims in its case against Zagreb at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Croatia’s legal team insisted.

Krivokapic: Serbia-Montenegro cooperation proves successful

SARAJEVO/PODGORICA - Montenegrin Parliament Speaker Ranko Krivokapic has said that the cooperation between Serbia and Montenegro proved successful, referring to the arrest of fugitive drug lord Darko Saric that was carried out in cooperation between the public bodies of the two countries.

Markovic: Saric’s transfer operation took one hour

PODGORICA – Montenegrin Justice Minister Dusko Markovic has said that Darko Saric was handed over to Serbian authorities Tuesday morning and noted that it is definite that operational efforts of the two countries’ services led to the locating of the most wanted drug lord.

New Bulgarian Social Network Eyes EU Market

A Bulgarian company developing online products is set for expansion at a European level.

Getlokal has decided to step into the European market with its social media which aims at sharing consumers' feedback on visited location, according to Bulgarian website

Saric cannot be protected witness

BELGRADE - Drug lord Darko Saric cannot be given the status of protected witness, Serbia's First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday, adding that a task force within the Security Information Agency (BIA) that worked on locating and arresting Saric deserves the most credit for his arrest following an unconditional surrender.

Officials address public after fugitive's arrest

Officials address public after fugitive's arrest

BELGRADE -- Aleksandar Vučić has said that a working group formed in June 2013 used "the most complex methods and resources to locate and arrest the most wanted fugitive."

Kamberi: PDD will not turn down government formation talks

BELGRADE - The Party for Democratic Action (PDD), which has won two seats in the Serbian parliament, will not turn away from the talks on its participation in the new government, says Saip Kamberi, official of the political party gathering ethnic Albanians from the south of central Serbia.

Patriarch says Kosovo is "Serbian Jerusalem"

Patriarch says Kosovo is "Serbian Jerusalem"

BELGRADE -- Patriarch Irinej has said the anti-Serb violence in Kosovo in March 2004 was an attempt to destroy the root of the Serb people and erase their existence there.