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Croatia’s May 9 Confusion Symbolises Europe’s Fragmenting Memory

It wasn't that long ago that May 9 was an uncomplicated date in the political calendar in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. State leaders processed to the main World War II memorial, made speeches about the heroic struggle against Nazism and Fascism and laid wreaths.

Burgeoning Drag Scene Pushes Boundaries in Macho Serbia

Drag is a visual art form that plays with gender, sexuality and power. Typically associated with the LGBT community, modern drag mostly contains drag queens: typically gay men adopting female personas who then perform lip syncs, dances or skits in front of an audience.

Honorary Albanians: Jumping the Queue into Europe

For the best part of two decades, long lines outside European embassies were a morning fixture of capitals up and down the Balkans as citizens of the states spawned by Yugoslavia's demise and post-communist Albania queued for visas and the opportunity to travel to the West.

Serbs Convicted in Montenegro Return Home Awaiting Appeals

One of the eight Serbian citizens convicted in the "coup" case in Montenegro, Branka Milic, is still in the Serbian embassy in Podgorica, while the other convicted Serbian citizens have left Montenegro for Serbia, the defence lawyer in the case, Jugoslav Krpovic, confirmed on Monday.

Street named after Tunisia opened in Belgrade

This respect exists between the two peoples, and extends to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the two countries, Dacic said.

Import Tariff Fails to Benefit Kosovo, Study Shows

The food processing industry in Kosovo did not increase production or employment as a result of the 100-per-cent tariff applied to goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina last November, a study by the GAP Institute think tank, published on Sunday, shows.

Military parade was "message to our friends, and enemies"

Asked to comment on the claim made by some Western media that Serbia was engaging in "saber-rattling" during a time of instability in Kosovo and Metohija, the defense minister said Belgrade did contribute to that instability.

Grigor Dimitrov Lost Two More Positions in the Rankings

He will launch the new week as the 48th player in the world, reported NOVA TV. 

Grigor Dimitrov lost two positions in the World Tennis Association (ATP) world rankings and started the new week as the 48th player in the world.

Stevo Pendarovski was Sworn in as President of North Macedonia

In the presence of four presidents - Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia, and in the absence of the VMRO-DPMNE opposition, the new president of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, took office. There were also two former presidents of the state - Branko Crvenkovski - who rarely appeared at mass events and the former one - Georgi Ivanov.

Pendarovski sworn in as North Macedonia's President

Stevo Pendarovski has been sworn in as the new president of North Macedonia, promising he will serve all citizens in a deeply politically divided society and will lobby European Union leaders to approve the start of his country's accession talks in June.

US's Palmer points to Prespes deal as blueprint for region

The Prespes name deal signed between Athens and Skopje should serve as a blueprint for resolving many bilateral differences in the Western Balkans, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Matthew Palmer was quoted on Friday by the Athens-Macedonia News Agency as telling Radio Free Europe.

Vucic meets with Montenegrin opposition leader

Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik also participated in the conversation with Madic, an opposition politician from Montenegro.