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Kon before the session of the Crisis Staff - why did he take off his mask?

According to him, the virus "moved" towards a younger age, but it decreased in the total population at all ages.
He said that the current epidemiological situation is completely different than last year at the same time, especially thanks to immunization, so it cannot be expected to be as bad as then.

Unanimously - SNS and SPAS united

The session of the Main Board of the SNS began in the Kombank Hall in Belgrade with an address by the party leader, Aleksandar Vui.
The second item on the agenda of the Main Board was the unification of the Serbian Progressive Party and SPAS.

Vučić: I received the resignation of Nebojša Stefanović VIDEO

"In our party, there will be respect for everyone, but also assessment of everyone's mistakes and accountability. That is what is very important for a political party," Vucic emphasized.
"We will resolve our relations within our party," he said.

Migrants’ Road Through Romania – “Poor Peoples’ Route”

Inside an abandoned house, onions sizzle as mother-of-four Seror struggles to cook an Iraqi specialty over an open fire, trying to maintain an illusion of home for her loved ones.

The Alhayani family are among hundreds of people from the Middle East, Africa and Asia sheltering in derelict houses in Serbian villages close to the Hungary and Romania borders.

Vucic met with Botsan Kharchenko PHOTO

The meeting was held in the building of the General Secretariat of the President of the Republic, and photos were published on the official Instagram page "buducnostsrbijeav".
Vui first thanked the Ambassador of Russia for the new quantities of Sputnik V vaccines delivered, which were immediately included in the vaccination process in our country.

Bosnian War Prisoners’ Complaint about Serbian TV Show ‘Dismissed’

Former detainee Fikret Alic with a copy of Time magazine from 1992 depicting him in a Bosnian Serb wartime camp. Photo: EPA-EFE/Freek van den Bergh.

The former detainees had complained that untruths about the Serb-run camps were aired on the Happy TV show 'Good Morning, Serbia' in February this year, belittling their suffering.

Bosnian Serbs State Price For Accepting New High Representative

Christian Schmidt of Germany will take over from Valentin Inzko as head of the international community's Office of High representative, OHR, to Bosnia from August 1, the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council, PIC, which groups countries overseeing the peace in Bosnia, confimed on Thursday.

Vučić: A heavy burden is ahead of us

As Vui says, Kurti talks all the time about Kosovo's cultural heritage and Kosovo's heritage, not Serbian.
Vui said that on the occasion of the letter that Kurti addressed to the abbot of the monastery Visoki Decani, father Sava Janji, in which he presented him with "the commitment of the Kosovo government in the protection of the Kosovo heritage of all communities in Kosovo".

Montenegro Party Used Serbian Online Help in Election, NGO Says

The head of the prominent Montenegrin watchdog MANS, Vanja Calovic Markovic, on Wednesday alleged one of the parties in the now ruling For the Future of Montenegro coalition used administrators from Serbia in the campaign on social networks for last year's election .

Kosovo–Serbia Dialogue Must Include Presevo Valley, Mayor Says

The newly elected mayor of Presevo, an ethnic Albanian majority municipality in south Serbia, Ardita Sinani, says Belgrade is deleting the addresses of citizens in her municipality in a silent process of ethnic cleansing.

The plane landed; "This is the last delivery..." PHOTO / VIDEO

As announced, Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabi, and the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Serbia, Chen Bo, will welcome the new contingent of Chinese vaccines.
There were half a million doses of Chinese company vaccines on the plane.

Serbia Mass Grave Exhumation Yields ‘At Least Nine’ Bodies

Missing persons officials from Serbia and Kosovo on Wednesday announced the completion of exhumation work at the former Kizevak open-cast mine, near the town of Raska, where victims' bodies from the Kosovo war have been found.