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Strong message to Serbia: If you want to move on EU path, this is not the way to go

Miroslav Lajk, Slovakia's Diplomacy, reacted to the announced Serbia's signing of the free trade agreement with Eurasian Union (EAEU), supported by Russia.
"If you are sure in your European orientation, don't make decisions which are not in line with it, as this one isn't", Lajk concluded.

Maja Pavlovic stopped hunger strike; Vucic: We will help in solving the problem

Vucic pointed out that he will actively engage himself in resolving this problem.
"I am aware that the situation is complicated, but we will try to solve the problem in line with relevant legislation and with putting much effort into it", Vucic said on the Instagram profile of the "Future of Serbia", along with publishing the photo from the meeting with Maja Pavlovic.

Hahn: Tariffs' abolition and suspending campaign of recognition withdrawal crucial

"The abolition of the imposed tariffs is crucial", Hahn said.
He underlined the importance of reaching agreement between Belgrade and Pristina on the meeting of the Foreign Affairs ministers of EU and Western Balkans.
"Reaching solution, and a positive outcome of the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue is a key element for the future European perspective of the whole region", Hahn said.

Democracy Digest: Ten Podcasts Worth Your Time

Is Humour the Best Antidote to Tyranny?

British-American author Andrew Keen has been travelling the globe to investigate what he calls "the contemporary crisis of democracy" for his Keen On Democracy podcast series.

In this episode, he talks to Michael Zantovksy, a Czech diplomat, writer and human rights activist, on how to fight authoritarianism with humour.

Families Lose Hope of Finding Kosovo’s Missing Serbs

Andrija Tomanovic, the head of the surgery clinic at the Clinical Hospital Centre in Pristina, called his daughter Jelena on June 24, 1999 at around 1pm to tell her he was on his way home from work.

"Serbia must be allowed to enter the EU prior to 2025"

Peter Szijarto, who is attending the meeting of the EU Council in Helsinki, says that Western Balkans integration into EU should happen fast.
He assessed that countries in the region had done the best they could to speed up the accession process. "Accession negotiations with Serbia must be accelerated, while Serbia should be allowed to enter EU prior to 2025", Szijatro said.

European Commission: Serbia will have to terminate the agreement with Eurasian Union

This is a clear message from European Commission to Serbia.
"Serbia can enter into agreements with other states or organizations prior to joining EU. However, in the perspective of negotiating accession, Serbia has pledged to withdraw from all bilateral trade agreements on the day of EU accession", the Commission said.

V4 to Carry Flame for Balkan Hopes of EU Membership

But in an increasingly fractious Europe, officials from Visegrad Four (V4) states in Central Europe — Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia — say they will champion the cause of EU enlargement within the new Commission.

Serbia Arrests Business Associate of Opposition Politician

Police on Wednesday arrested Jovan Stojanovic, the director of Direct Media, a company formerly owned by opposition leader Dragan Djilas, and two employees of Serbian public broadcaster Radio Television of Serbia, RTS on suspicion of defrauding the state of more than five million euros.