Latest News from Serbia

Sofia and Skopje with a Joint Exhibition of Archaeological Discoveries

The government has approved a draft contract between the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Northern Macedonia for the organization of a joint exhibition "100 years Trebenishte", which will take place in Skopje.

Hahn: Name deal could have ‘domino effect’ in the region

Johannes Hahn, the EU commissioner responsible for relations with countries that aspire to join the bloc," has expressed the hope that the recent name deal between Greece and North Macedonia, could have a "domino effect" in the Balkan peninsula.

"State support for innovative, creative projects"

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic announced on Tuesday that the state's support to creative industries and culture as one of the basic preconditions for Serbia to transform and become an economy based on knowledge and innovations.

FM: How small should Serbia be, not to be great?

"The problem is that an anti-Serb atmosphere is being created and that incidents do not happen only in election campaigns. This is the manner in which this set in Croatia rules," said Dacic told Prva TV.

Serbia, NATO share interest in preserving regional stability

The interlocutors underlined that Serbia and NATO have a common interest of preserving peace and stability in the region, as well as the determination to further enhance partnership cooperation in all spheres of common interest, the Serbian government said in a press release.

"It's my duty to explain to Serbs importance of compromise"

A central commemoration for the victims of the bombing of Serbia 20 years ago, which NATO carried out in the final phase of the war in Kosovo, will be organized in Nis, southern Serbia on March 24.
Vucic told this to ANSA during the interview.

Balkans Must Escape ‘Cycle of Suffering’ – Serbian Actor

The first was Nikola Rakocevic, in 2014. In its time, European Shooting Stars has brought such now famous world stars as Rachel Weisz, Franka Potente, Daniel Craig, and others to Berlin.

But Maric says he does not think that world fame automatically awaits him.

"I'm not getting too excited. Hollywood will not be ruined without me," he jokes.

Russia and Bulgaria Leaders Discuss Energy in Sofia

Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev arrived in Sofia on Monday under tight security to meet his Bulgarian colleague, Boyko Borissov, and discuss gas and nuclear energy cooperation.

Businesspeople "should help fast, sustainable growth"

Speaking at the opening of the 26th Kopaonik Business Forum on Monday, Brnabic, according to remarks published by the Serbian government, added that in 2018 had a surplus in the budget of RSD 32.2 billion.

Volkswagen rumored to be planning factory in Serbia

Although the company's executive committee has not yet made the final decision, the Serbian press is busy reporting hat the factory will be built "in Sumadija" - i.e., Serbia's central region.

"I will do what Jews do," says Serb leader in Croatia

"That society never gets round to asking itself: 'And what did I do so that it won't be the way it is for me, and am I at all to blame for what I went through, for what happened?' That kind of facing up to it, unfortunately, did not happen," said Pupovac, who is a representative of Serbs in Croatia, an MP, and the leader of the SDSS.