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What did you say, Angela?

Some of them have already resonated, such as those about the rule of law, the solution of the Kosovo knot, the dangers lurking from "other parts of the world", and they also touched on the excavation of lithium, Blic writes.

US See No Other Option but Western Balkans as Part of Europe

Washington hopes EU countries "understand" that the Western Balkans should be part of Europe "full stop" and is worried about the weak message coming from European capitals, the newly appointed department of state official responsible for the region said on Monday (13 September).

Merkel revealed her position on the recognition of the so-called Kosovo

When posed the question by German journalist, that a decade ago, when Chancellor Merkel was in Belgrade, it was on the agenda that Serbia must recognize Kosovo if it wants to join the EU, and whether that is an inevitable condition, she stressed that some issues will be resolved in the end of the entire process.

Borisav Jovic passed away

"Jovic died after a long fight with COVID, at 3:15 pm at the VMC Karaburma," said a source in Kurir, and the news was also confirmed for RTS.
Jovic fought the battle for his life in the VMC Karaburma, where he was accommodated with bilateral pneumonia caused by COVID-19.

Merkel and Vučić in the Palace of Serbia: An official meeting is underway

Vui has repeatedly expressed his gratitude to Merkel for everything she did for Serbia while she was the Chancellor of Germany.
According to Vui, Merkel has done a lot for Serbia, especially when it comes to German investments in the country. Vui repeated the same message in tonight's address.

Turkish foreign minister meets Balkan officials

Turkey's foreign minister on Sept. 13 separately met with the recently appointed high representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the Serbian president of the National Assembly.

In a Twitter post, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said: "Pleased to host Christian Schmidt, recently appointed High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina."

Serbia, Kosovo Urged to Publish ‘Deal to Open Up War Archives’

Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Serbia and Kosovo on Monday called on the authorities in both countries to publish the details of a deal on revealing the contents of secret wartime archives that was reportedly made during negotiations in Brussels last week.

Serbia Arrests Senior Bosnian Ex-Police Officer for War Crimes

A former senior Police Administration official in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Edin Vranj was arrested in Serbia on Sunday on suspicion of committing war crimes against prisoners of war during the Bosnian conflict.

New COVID-19 Rules Keep Travel To-From Balkans Limited

Measures to enter some Balkan and European countries have been tightened in the last 30 days as the number of newly registered COVID-19 cases increases, making travel to and from the region a complicated affair.

What message does Angela Merkel's visit send?

Germany is among the largest investors and is Serbia's most important foreign trade partner. In the past decade, German investments were 1.88 billion euros, and the trade exchange between the two countries reached 5.3 billion euros last year. German investments in Serbia are growing - in the first quarter of this year alone, they exceeded 46 million euros, RTS reports.

"The Balkans will miss Angela Merkel"

Handelsblatt writes that the region will still regret when Merkel retires.
"At the end of the mandate, the federal chancellor travels to the part of Europe that the West has neglected lately. Many are wondering if this is just a farewell tour - or does Merkel want more?", writes the analysis of the leading German agency dpa.

West Balkan Leaders Await Merkel’s Farewell Tour

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting Serbia and Albania shortly before her long-lasting mandate as head of German's government comes to an end.

The gesture is seen as giving significance to the six Western Balkan countries, although none of them managed to join the EU club during Merkel's term, which began in 2005.