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Balkan Drivers Find Viber Handy in Avoiding Police

Kosovo Police arrested two person on Wednesday suspected to be the creators of the Radar group on Viber, used by thousands of citizens to avoid the police controls and speeding fines across the country.

A group of more than 7,000 people joined a group over the past months whose members sent updates to each other about the location of the police in real time.

Koha: Borrell? His election questionable

In the capacity of Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Borrell publicly opposed Kosovo independence.
This daily recalls that in the last two mandates, the person who took up the intermediary role in the dialogue between Belgrade and Prishtina was exactly the person in charge o EU foreign policy.
Borrell would in this capacity replace Federica Mogherini.

Haradinaj has two conditions

One relates to the opposition while the other relates to international factor.

Exit’s Anti-Drugs Campaign is Just Virtue-Signaling

This tagline is followed by billboards showing the same tagline together with graphic images of where users' drugs quite possibly do come from - including sellers' hairy bottoms and filthy underwear. A message reminds people that drugs are often transported to users via such horrible channels, so everyone should stay off them.

Russia Still Has Cards to Play in North Macedonia

In geopolitical terms, unlike many other Balkan countries, especially Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia or Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia did not see North Macedonia as part of its immediate strategic interests in the region.

Two "special members of diplomatic corps" arrived to Belgrade, another two on the way

Former Deputy Head of Mission of Great Britain in Moscow Sian MacLeod will replace Dennis Keefe on the position of Head of Mission of Great Britain to Serbia. Another "deputy" from the leading western embassy in Moscow comes to Belgrade to hold the position of the US Ambassador, Politika daily claims.

Kosovo MPs Debate Thaci’s Presevo Unification Resolution

Kosovo MPs on Monday debated Hashim Thaci's draft resolution which proposed that the Albanian-majority municipalities of Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac in the Presevo Valley area of southern Serbia should unite with Kosovo.

Intensive Traffic at Kulata and Kapitan Andreevo Border Checkpoints

Traffic on the Bulgarian-Greek border at Kulata border checkpoint is intense for all cars. The traffic is also intense on Bulgaria's border with Turkey, at Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint. This was reported by DG Border Police.

European Court Probes BIRN Serbian Staffer’s Online Targeting

The European Court of Human Rights has asked both the Serbian government and a BIRN staffer, Sofija Todorovic, for more explanation, after she submitted a complaint to it about right-wingers who had targeted her online.

The court called on both sides to submit additional information and clarification by July 5.

Kosovo Serb Ex-Minister Indicted for ‘Inciting Hatred’

The Kosovo prosecution announced on Monday that it has indicted ex-minister Ivan Todosijevic, alleging that he "deliberately publicly incited and spread hate, division and intolerance between national, racial and ethnic communities in Kosovo".

Kosovo Serb Businesses Stage Strike Against Import Tariffs

Shops, bakeries, gas stations, hairdressers, pharmacies, fast food shops and all other local businesses closed on Monday in the northern Serb-led municipalities of Kosovo, protesting against the 100-per-cent tariff that the government has imposed on imports from Serbia.