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3 questions for 3 answers from the Russian and the Deputy US Ambassador in Belgrade

Russian Ambassador Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko and US Deputy Ambassador Gabriel Escobar answered the three same questions about the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue in their statements for "Vecernje Novosti".
The ambassadors emphasized that the solution must be found by two parties, with the help of international actors.

America has influence, America has priority - the problem of Serbia and Kosovo

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and US Special Representative for the Western Balkans, Matthew Palmer, said in a testimony before the US Senate Foreign Affairs and Subcommittee on Europe and Co-operation on Regional Security that while the negotiations are blocked, the two sides are at risk of missing the best chance.

US "indecent" proposal; Serbia: We refuse it

However, Belgrade rejected the offer, the newspaper said.
Daily "Blic" further states that US Presidential Special Envoy for Kosovo Richard Grenell recently instructed Belgrade and Pristina to reach an agreement on mutual recognition, and that they will receive an "economic award" in return, in the form of an investment conference that will be organized.

‘Too Late’ to Halt Serbia’s Demographic Disaster

This is the latest in a series of articles about the demographic crisis facing Central and Southeast Europe.

See also: Bye-Bye, Balkans: A Region in Critical Demographic Decline

Nikitovic has been going over the demographic figures for Serbia and they make for grim reading.

“We Are Their Voice”: German Far-Right Builds Balkan Alliances

At 28 years old, Frohnmaier is the youngest MP for Alternative for Germany, or AfD, the right-wing populist party that shot to prominence in Germany in part by railing against an influx of mainly Muslim refugees and migrants from the Middle East and North Africa since 2015. It is now the third largest party in the Bundestag.

House of Representatives Urges Serbia to Find US Albanians’ Killers

The House of Representatives on Tuesday unanimously adopted the resolution calling on the Serbian authorities to investigate and prosecute as soon as possible "those current or former officials believed to be responsible" for the killing of Ylli, Agron, and Mehmet Bytyqi in Serbia in July 1999.

Vucic for "Financial Times": They are more honest now

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic stated this, adding that the only responsible approach is to rely on ourselves.
Such a decision, despite reform efforts taken by Albania and Northern Macedonia, made it clear to the region that "it is not all up to us", Vucic said in an interview given to the Financial Times, entitled "Balkan nations bank on regional ties after EU snub".

US House of Representatives adopts resolution on Bytyqi brothers

The Resolution needs to be adopted by the Senate.
The Resolution was submitted in April 2018, by the U.S. Representative for New York's 1st congressional district, Congressman Lee Zeldin, while the House Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress adopted a resolution on July 17, 2018, urging Belgrade to prosecute the killers of the three Bytyqi brothers.

Bosnian Wartime Killer Extradited After 24 Years in Switzerland

Zoran Pantic, who participated in killing six members of a family in 1993 and then escaped from prison and went to live in Switzerland under a false name, was extradited to Bosnia and Herzegovina and has been back behind bars in Bijeljina since Monday evening, local media reported on Tuesday.

"EU will not explicitly ask Serbia to recognize Kosovo"

Krstic emphasizes that even five EU Member States do not recognize Kosovo's independence, nor does he expect a change in the format of the talks - organizing an international conference to address the Kosovo problem, for instance.

Croatia Identifies Remains of Serbs Killed in 1990s War

The identification of the remains of the 13 Serbs, which was organised by the Croatian War Veterans Ministry, was completed on Monday at the forensic department of the Zagreb University School of Medicine.

Energy Expert: These 11 km from Balkan Stream are Extremely Important for Bulgaria

,,This small stretch of 11 km is extremely important for Bulgaria. First, we end the Turkish Stream 2 saga - whether or not it will pass through us. We are beginning the Balkan Stream'', said Prof. Atanas Tasev, an energy expert, in the studio of BNT's Morning Block.

According to him, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has made "geopolitical sense" in the Balkan Stream.

"No recognition of Kosovo within existing borders"

He added that it was unlikely that Belgrade would recognize Kosovo at all, although he said he had heard from the US that the EU had changed its stance and could ask Belgrade for recognition.
Asked if Serbia would ever recognize Kosovo as an equal member of the international community, Vucic replied that it was a difficult question for the Serbs.