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21 years since the NATO bombing

The sirens were heard for 78 days and the total number of casualties was never determined. An estimated 1,200 to 2,500 people were killed in the 11 weeks, with total material damage estimated at tens of billions of dollars.
The attack on Serbia, or the FRY, was carried out without UN Security Council approval, which was a precedent.

Drastic rise: Over 45,000 cases of coronavirus patients in the United States

On Monday, 2,411 cases were registered, and now a total of 46,154 are registered.
The number of deaths increased to 29 during the day.
The United States has thus surpassed Spain by number of cases, but this European country has a problem with the high number of deaths, currently at 2.311.

Europe’s Other Coronavirus Victim: Information and Data Rights

In the semi-democracies of the region, as lives moved from the public to the digital sphere, many freedoms were likewise suspended, while the burden of responsibility for violations fell on citizens as government imposed restrictions that in many cases flouted normal standards of human rights.

"The youngest patient on a respirator is 35, the oldest is 80" VIDEO

He said at a regular press conference in the Serbian government that of the hospitalized, 11 were in Vojvodina CC, 17 in Nis, 9 in Kragujevac, 22 in Serbia, 57 in Dragisa Misovic and 9 at the Pulmonology Clinic.
"We have 16 on the respirator, two of them in Vojvodina, four in Nis, two in Kragujevac, eight at the Belgrade Infectious Disease Clinic", Kon said.

Region Voices Solidarity With Quake-Hit Croatian Capital

Messages of support and offers of help have poured into Croatia after Sunday's earthquake of at least 5.3 magnitudes, which hit the capital and injured dozens of people as well as damaging buildings.

The first coronavirus victim in Montenegro, visited Serbia in early March

He is the first victim of the COVID-19 virus in the country, said KC CG director Jevto Erakovic, CdM's Podgorica portal reports.
The man, who was from Herceg Novi, was admitted to the Clinical Center for Chronic Lung Disease on Saturday night after midnight, reports Podgorica's Vijesti portal.

Vucic: Stricter measures starting tomorrow VIDEO

There will be a curfew 24/7 starting on Tuesday if we do not comply with these measures, the President said.
"On Monday, it will be from 2 pm, from Tuesday curfew will last 24 hours," he added.
"As of tomorrow there are no parks, there is nothing. If that is not enough, if there are large number of people on the street again, the curfew will be from 7 am to 1 pm", he said.

Another Air Serbia plane flew to China for help

The first Serbian national airline to fly to China, the Airbus A330, is already returning from that country and bringing in doctors and medical help. The plane arrives in Serbia at 7.30 pm.

Foto: Er Srbija

The second plane to China departed this morning at 6.15 am.

Pristina abolishes fees

Tariffs on all goods and products are expected to be abolished on April 1, Kosovo Online reports.
The government made the decision tonight in a telephone session. Ministers of Vetvendosje and non-Serb minority minister, member of the New Democratic Party, Emilia Rexhepi voted in favor of this decision.

There are 14 new cases of coronavirus in Serbia, a total of 149 infected in Serbia

From the last report until 8 a.m. on March 21, 2020, samples of 38 individuals were tested, 14 of which were positive and 24 negative for the new coronavirus.
Of the 14 confirmed cases since the last report, 9 have been hospitalized, but without complications, in good general condition, while 5 have a lighter clinical picture and are at home.