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Brnabic announced even tougher measures

"Gathering of a group of more than 5 people is strictly forbidden, so this is what we will try to prevent the spread of this virus faster", Ana Brnabic said.
She appeared with the latest information live on the show "Eye" on RTS.

Vucic: We have 9 people on a respirator, the hardest night for us is over VIDEO

Vucic thanked for the attention and respect of Norway towards Serbia and the love they show for our people. "Thanks for the money," Vucic said, adding that 5 million euros of Norwegian aid would be used for medical purposes.
"Thank you very much for helping us find more clinical respirators. We are working to resolve these issues," Vucic said.

Latest on the coronavirus: Worldwide deaths exceed 10,000

More than 245,000 people have been infected by the novel coronavirus across the world and 10,028 have died, with cases and deaths outside China far exceeding those in the country where the outbreak began, according to a Reuters tally.

Infections have been reported by 178 countries outside China.


Serbia closed its borders, intercity traffic stops at noon

Apart from transport trucks, no one will be able to enter the territory of Serbia.
Since the introduction of the state of emergency, 71.180 of our citizens have entered Serbia, with the largest number coming from Germany, Italy, France and Austria, about 95 percent, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said.

Pandemic Forces Balkan Politicians to Get Serious, At Last

"Solidarity happens much more among equals," Sarajevo-based psychologist Jasna Bajraktarevic said on a regional talk show on N1 TVon March 18. She stressed that the countries in the region should rely much more on each other than on major global actors.

No Convictions for Radovan Karadzic’s ‘Helpers in Hiding’

The Bosnian state prosecution investigated 58 people for offering financial support to Karadzic, but its probe was discontinued several years ago because there was no proof that any crimes were committed, and the people under investigation cooperated with the Hague Tribunal.

Vucic: Curfew will be extended VIDEO

"Curfew will not only be from 8 pm until 5 am," the President points out.
"We have exceeded the figure of 100 infected, out of which 55 are in hospital, 6 are in serious condition and are on respirators," says Vucic.

Nikola Tesla Airport: Flights are canceled

However, based on the decision of the Serbian Government of March 19, 2020, all commercial international flights to and from Nikola Tesla Airport will be suspended at 12 noon, according to a statement from the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure.

Serbia gets 18 new respirators PHOTO

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Moj posao je da se borim za ivot naih ljudi i budunost Srbije! Boriemo se i pobediemo! U Kliniki centar Srbije stigli su novi respiratori, vedske proizvodnje, koje smo dopremili iz Kaira! #ostanikodkuce #COVID19

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Belgrade Streets Empty as Serbian Curfew Begins

The centre of the Serbian capital Belgrade, usually bustling with people and cars, was empty and quiet as a nocturnal curfew began at 8pm on Wednesday evening.

The curfew will be observed across Serbia each night until 5am. No one is allowed to go out apart from police officers and soldiers on duty, nightshift workers and people who have a health-related emergency.

Listening to the Pandemic: Time to Get Real

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This trend seemed to consolidate by the day, with very few voices trying to argue for a cooperative international approach, multilateralism, win-win solutions and a search for common ground, and community-based policies rather than a purely individualistic vision of society.

Vucic and Merkel finish video meeting: Fast dialogue resumption PHOTO

This was stated in a joint statement following a video conference by Serbian President Vucic and German Chancellor Merkel.
Merkel welcomes the readiness of the President of Serbia to open a dialogue on trade and non-tariff barriers between, as she said, Serbia and Kosovo with EU mediation.