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Warning issued "due to risk of arrest and prosecution in Serbia"

"The warning is issued due to the risk of arrest and prosecution in the Republic of Serbia on war crimes charges, and on the basis of previous cases of arrest of Bosnia-Herzegovina's citizens against whom no proceedings are being conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina or charged by the country's judicial institutions with war crimes," officials from these institutions stated, as Radio Sarajevo rep

Merkel Bids Farewell to Balkans with Exhortation to Reform

Angela Merkel visited the Albanian capital Tirana on Tuesday, the last stop on a brief farewell Balkan tour which saw the German chancellor encourage the countries in the region to push ahead with reforms to improve their chances of joining the European Union.

Merkel in the Balkans repeated the sentence from 2015

After leaving Belgrade, she arrived in Tirana, where she was welcomed by the Prime Minister of that country, Edi Rama.
Media in the region remind what Merkel said when she arrived in the Western Balkans in 2015.

"I'm listening to stories from the 16th century, I can't believe it" VIDEO

"I can't believe that someone can believe that. Is it possible for people to go that far in the 21st century, as if I were listening to stories from the 16th century," he said.
He called on people to get vaccinated and be responsible for their environment.

Leading Yugoslav Politician Borisav Jovic Dies of COVID-19

Borisav Jovic, one of last presidents of the presidency of socialist Yugoslavia prior to its break-up, a key ally of Slobodan Milosevic and a leading figure in his ruling Socialist Party, died on Monday as a consequence of contracting COVID-19.

Dr. Kon: The number of infected will grow; quarantine until mid-October

Also, due to the growing number of newly infected even among children, online classes have started in high schools in 40 cities and municipalities in Serbia. A member of the Crisis Staff, Dr Predrag Kon, estimated that the epidemiological situation in Serbia will worsen.

What did you say, Angela?

Some of them have already resonated, such as those about the rule of law, the solution of the Kosovo knot, the dangers lurking from "other parts of the world", and they also touched on the excavation of lithium, Blic writes.

US See No Other Option but Western Balkans as Part of Europe

Washington hopes EU countries "understand" that the Western Balkans should be part of Europe "full stop" and is worried about the weak message coming from European capitals, the newly appointed department of state official responsible for the region said on Monday (13 September).

Merkel revealed her position on the recognition of the so-called Kosovo

When posed the question by German journalist, that a decade ago, when Chancellor Merkel was in Belgrade, it was on the agenda that Serbia must recognize Kosovo if it wants to join the EU, and whether that is an inevitable condition, she stressed that some issues will be resolved in the end of the entire process.

Borisav Jovic passed away

"Jovic died after a long fight with COVID, at 3:15 pm at the VMC Karaburma," said a source in Kurir, and the news was also confirmed for RTS.
Jovic fought the battle for his life in the VMC Karaburma, where he was accommodated with bilateral pneumonia caused by COVID-19.

Merkel and Vučić in the Palace of Serbia: An official meeting is underway

Vui has repeatedly expressed his gratitude to Merkel for everything she did for Serbia while she was the Chancellor of Germany.
According to Vui, Merkel has done a lot for Serbia, especially when it comes to German investments in the country. Vui repeated the same message in tonight's address.