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Gallup Study: 48% of Bulgarians Believe "To A Certain Extent" in the Media

48% of Bulgarians believe "to a certain extent" in the media in Bulgaria, 30% say they do not believe them at all, 16% usually trust, the other 6% are hesitant, according to a new study by the global association "Gallup International" , conducted in 58 countries around the world with among nearly 60,000 respondents.

Cheaper Roaming From Today Between the Western Balkan Countries

From July 2021, charges will be completely eliminated, writes NOVA TV.

Prices for roaming services between Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be down by 27% today, and by July 2021, they will be completely eliminated.

Philharmonic Draws Serbia’s Millenials Back to Classical Sounds

Sitting in her sleek office with an immaculately polished grand piano, Milasinovic remembers when things were very different only a few years ago. "The 1990s were a very difficult time for Serbia," she says.

Balkans Should Beware of Putin’s Night-Time Bikers

The Night Wolves began as an anti-establishment biker club in the 1990s but has since evolved into a patriotic organization with strong Orthodox leanings and close ties to the Kremlin.

Kosovo Court Declares Negotiation Team ‘Unconstitutional’

The Constitutional Court in Kosovo on Thursday has thrown the future of the national negotiating team with Serbia into question after ruling that its mandate and competences of were unconstitutional.

4.6% Growth of Bulgarians' Trips Abroad

The number of trips of Bulgarian citizens abroad in May 2019 was 762.1 thousand, or 4.6% above those registered in May 2018, NSI reported, quoted by BNT.

Closed Hearings at Serbian Security Chiefs’ Trial Cause Mistrust

The latest hearing in the case against Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic was held at the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals in The Hague on Tuesday, when the first defence witness in their retrial for wartime crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia gave testimony behind closed doors.

Why Isn’t Albania Cashing in on Renewable Energy?

In this impoverished, struggling country, there is wealth lying just about everywhere you look, and yet no one is earning a cent from it. Even the most obvious no-brainer - solar thermal energy - is found on rooftops only sporadically in the north and not at all in the south. The contrast to Italy and Greece, where rooftop solar thermal systems are common, is glaring.

Balkans’ Independent Journalists Must Unite, or Fall Together

The most frequent messages in my own experience in Kosovo are: "You are a Russian puppet", "Your head is in Serbia", "You despise freedom", or "You are "the enemy of the freedom fighters". Depending on their choice, I belong at one time to one group and then to the other.

Bulgaria Busts Key Migrant Smuggling Ring

Bulgarian authorities have broken up a major organised crime ring thought to have smuggled thousands of migrants from Afghanistan en route to western Europe, prosecutors said Tuesday, as cited by Reuters.

Gas Transit was Discussed in the Meetings of the Bulgarian Delegation in Moscow

Russia welcomes Bulgaria 's readiness to secure the transit of gas from Turkish Stream to Europe and pledges assistance for the repair of the Su - 25 fighter aircrafts in Bulgaria. A Bulgarian delegation led by the Speaker of Parliament is in Moscow on 25th of June. Meetings were held with the President of the Federation Council and the Foreign Minister of Russia, reports BNT.