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Pacolli called Haradinaj a liar?

"The leaders claiming that the taxes will not be abolished are lying. It is not fair to mislead the voters", Pacolli said for RTK.
He said that the introduction of tariffs was at first "a reasonable move", but that some of the vital problems that Pristina faces should have been resolved in the course of this process.

Politika daily: Vucic has not been invited

According to Politika daily, this would be the second significant event without Serbia's presence, despite its historical role and the status of a victorious country.

Bulgaria Continues to Have the Lowest Prices in the European Union

The prices of consumer goods and services in Bulgaria in 2018 were the lowest in the European Union. This shows an analysis of Eurostat. The data in it indicates that Bulgaria has the lowest prices in 6 out of 10 components that have been extensively researched.

Serbia invincible on preparation games – France had fallen in the eve of Mundobasket!

The players selected by Aleksandar Djordjevic managed to achieve their ninth victory, without the help of Bogdan Bogdanovic and Nemanja Bjelica, who also rested in this match.
Serbia is now awaiting a trip to Foshan to play World Cup matches. The Mundobasket starts on Saturday, with Serbia playing against Angola from 09.30.

Diplomat Urges Kosovo, Serbia Not to Politicise Missing Persons

British ambassador Ruairi O'Connell told a conference on wartime missing persons in Pristina on Tuesday that the issue was "emotional" for families of the victims and should not be used for political purposes.

Message to British Ambassador: He should name the criminals he referred to earlier

"I would love to hear the names of those criminals, as they used to convince us that there is no crime on Kosovo. Then, they suddenly urge people to deny votes to the criminals", Nebojsa Stefanovic Serbia's Internal Affairs Minister says.
He added that they refer to the politicians of Albanian origin.

Vučić met with McAllister

This is the first McAllisters visit to Belgrade after taking up a new duty.

„The start of a new chapter in the region’’

Creating an integrated border crossing between Serbia and North Macedonia is a special day, not only for the relations between these two countries, but for the beginning of a possible new era for regional cooperation in the western Balkans, stated Ana Brnabi.

Political or court decision?

"This is political decision in our eyes, that interferes directly with the rule of law", Brnabic stated on a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev.

"Crown of friendship, a major step to EU"

"The opening of an integrated border crossing between Serbia and North Macedonia presents special occasion, not just in the relations of the two countries, but presents an encouraging signal for the regional trade and better economic links within the whole Western Balkan region", Serbia's Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said.

Serbia Declares Contract to Acquire Russian Tanks ‘Secret’

Serbia's Defence Ministry told BIRN that it cannot provide information about the contractual conditions under which it is acquiring 30 modernised T-72 tanks from Russia - which officials have described as a donation - without getting Moscow's consent.

North Macedonia van crash kills migrant; 12 others injured

North Macedonia police say a 20-year old migrant from Bangladesh was killed and 12 others injured when a van packed with migrants collided with a truck on the main highway in the south.

Police said Saturday that a van with 13 migrants hit the rear of the truck near the town of Demir Kapija late Friday and caught fire.