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Kurti Sets His Priorities Following Kosovo Election Triumph

One day after his Vetevendosje party romped home in elections, Kosovo's new leader will find it easy to form a government - but will face problems if he tries to sideline the dialogue with Serbia.

Brnabic: I am still afraid

"I will remind you that "Saber" followed after the assassination of the prime minister. Now we have not allowed for the things to go that far," Prime Minister Brnabic explains.
According to her, the state was incomparably more efficient and ready.

Energy conference featuring Greek and int’l officials

More than 100 international officials and speakers are expected to participate in the "Athens Energy Dialogues," which will take place online on Wednesday and Thursday.

Vucic extends congratulations on the occasion of Sretenje, Serbian National Day VIDEO

Vui posted a video on his Instagram account, in which, along with the sounds of the Serbian anthem "God of Justice", photos of the most important personalities and events from the history of Serbia are being presented.
"Happy Statehood Day!", President Vui wrote.

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Families of Missing from Bosnian War Plead for Action

Marko Grabovac, president of the Association for the Search for Missing Persons in Bosanski Brod Municipality, told BIRN that none of the 80 people who disappeared in the Brod area in northern Bosnia during the war and are still missing have been found in the past two years.

16 patients died, 1.386 newly infected

16 people died.
There are now 3.846 patients in hospital, of which 134 are on respirators.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Serbia, 2.770.169 people have been tested, and 420.879 cases of infection have been confirmed.
A total of 4.230 people died, and the mortality rate is 1.01 percent.

More than 1.600 newly infected, 15 people died

In the last 24 hours, 9,091 people were tested.
There are 135 patients on respirators.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Serbia, 2.762.877 people have been tested, and there are 419.493 confirmed cases.
Coronavirus took a total of 4.214 lives in Serbia, and the mortality rate is 1.00 percent.

Launch of production of the Russian vaccine at the Torlak Institute approved

Minister in charge of innovation and technological development Nenad Popovic added that production could start in two or three months.
Popovic told Tanjug that the delegation, which includes representatives of the Ministry of Industry, the Direct Investment Fund and the Russian Drug Agency, was satisfied with what they saw in Torlak.

Telenor: We want all channels in our offer, including N1, Arena Sport and Sport Klub

"Our goal is to have as much as available channels in our offer, including N1 and Nova S. Telenor is and will continue to fight false allegations by using all legal means to protect the reputation of our company, which we have been carefully building for 15 years. That is why we have filed law suits - to protect our reputation and prevent future damage", Goran Vasic said.

Crisis Staff revealed whether the measures will be tightened: "We are considering it"

"I'm not just a colonel, I'm a doctor. I've been working in the red zone for 10 months and I'm familiar with the situation," he said, adding that this is neither an ordinary flu nor an ordinary epidemic.
He pointed out that the number of patients in hospitals has been growing in the last two weeks.

In Serbia, 1.928 newly infected, 16 patients died

There are 3.832 patients with coronavirus in hospitals throughout Serbia, out of which 129 are on respirators.
A total of 11.699 people were tested.
It should be reminded that Dr Branislav Tiodorovi stated that if the number of infected people does not fall and the measures are not respected, the Crisis Staff will propose even more rigorous measures.

It's confirmed: Hospitals are full again. Growing number of difficult cases VIDEO

"We are very worried about the situation. We had a declining trend, the number of people in hospital treatment decreased, and thanks to that, a part of that system, especially outside Belgrade, slowly started to come out of the COVID system," he said after today's meeting of directors of COVID hospitals with the Minister of Health.

Online Petition Urging Netflix to Recognise Kosovo Gains Momentum

An online petition calling on the US online streaming platform Netflix to recognise Kosovo as separate from Serbia has received over 23,000 signatures since its launch on Tuesday and caught public attention in the country.