Latest News from Serbia

New Website Highlights Serbia’s Role in 1990s Wars

The Belgrade branch of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights NGO launched a new website entitled Rat u Srbiji (War in Serbia) on Monday to highlight the country's involvement in the wars that broke out as Yugoslavia collapsed in the 1990s.

Rules for Entering Bulgaria from June 1

Bulgaria's Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev issued an order regulating the entry into the Republic of Bulgaria as of June 1, the transit through the territory of the country and the rule for the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Kosovo Govt Defends New Reciprocity Measures Against Critics

The decision by the Kosovo government at the weekend to introduce new reciprocity measures against Serbia has sharply divided opinion at home and abroad, with the EU slating the move and some domestic leaders, including the President, also condemning it.

Vucic: There's no doubt - without resolving Kosovo issue, Serbia will not join the EU

"I call on the competent state bodies to do their job and the prosecutor's office to tell us whether that politician exists or not," Vucic said about Juric's allegation that there is a pedophile politician in Serbia.
The most important message is to show that there are no protected people in Serbia, and the state authorities will, according to him, do everything to determine that.

From Monday, the relaxation of measures: What is allowed as of June 1?

As the number of new cases on a daily basis began to decline, the crisis headquarters decided after the meeting to increase the number of people who could gather in the open.
As of Monday, up to 1.000 people will be allowed to gather in the open.

Germany only one of Greece’s big tourist markets on list of approved flights

Greece announced on Friday that it would be opening its borders to tourists from 29 countries on June 15, although Germany is the only country from the list of the five key markets for Greece's tourism sector, as the UK, Italy, France and the US continue to have high rates of coronavirus infections.

US Embassy in Athens issues notice on continued flight ban

The US Embassy in Athens has issued a notice advising Americans that travel to Greece remains banned until July 1 at least, after the Greek government on Friday announced the list of countries from which it will be accepting flights as of June 15.

One person died, 54 newly infected

Since the last report, 5.215 people have been tested.
There are eight people on the respirator, out of 558 hospitalized.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 239.234 people have been tested in Serbia, of which 11.354 were positive for coronavirus.