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All Dacic's "victories": Amal Clooney, Ivanka Trump, sealed by Maria Zakharova PHOTO

The comment below the photo says: "It is always a pleasure to be in a nice company!"
Dacic is part of Serbia's delegation headed by Aleksandar Vucic, attending UN General Assembly.
Apart from Zakharova, Dacic was also photographed with world-renowned lawyer Amal Clooney, the wife of Hollywood actor George Clooney, as well as the daughter of US President Ivanka Trump.

Haradinaj: "Finally, we can do without Serbia's recognition"

Haradinaj added that in the end, Kosovo can do without Serbia's recognition.
Haradinaj told reporters after returning from the United States that he met with US Special Envoy for the Balkans Matthew Palmer to discuss "bilateral relations and te Kosovo-Serbia dialogue".

Macron: I'll engage myself in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

President of France made this statement on Thursday, in a brief meeting with the First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Ivica Dacic, sending sincere greetings to the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs says in a statement.

Kosovo’s Abandoned ‘Ghost Villages’, A Bleak Legacy of Conflict

The last families left for Serbia in end of June 1999. The next day, someone set the houses on fire.

Two decades later, Zhakova/Zakovo remains in ruins. Like many other similar 'ghost villages' in Kosovo, its residents never came back.

Vucic: Solution for Kosovo means no one gets everything, but everyone gets enough

"I have the honor of addressing you as President of Serbia, the country of good and honest people. Last time I was here, it said that the situation in the world was worse in 2016. I would say it's no easier in 2019. I am a little scared, a little worried, but also a little happy that big countries have not mentioned us in their speeches", Vucic said.

10 People Detained for Migrant Smuggling to Serbia and Western Europe

The Special Prosecutor's Office has charged ten persons with participating in an organised crime group involved in smuggling individuals and groups of migrants across the country, said the Appellate Special Prosecutor's Office.

"The number of those who recognize so-called Kosovo will continue to decline"

In other words, Dacic explains, the number of those who recognize Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence falls to less than half of UN members.
Dacic told reporters last night that the Serbian delegation had talked to representatives of 53 member states in three days of the UN General Assembly and that in two more days, that number would exceed 100.

Vucic: We are working on new withdrawals of Kosovo recognition

"They (representatives of Pristina) yesterday relieved us of all responsibility, saying that they had come for new recognitions of Kosovo's independence. Now I say publicly - we are working on new withdrawals of recognition, they are doing their job and we are doing ours, so let's see who will be more successful", Vucic told RTS.

"Maybe I entered from the ceiling, but I'll deliver a speech at UN seat tomorrow"

Vucic emphasized that it is important for Albanians to understand this in order to think about what kind of future they want for themselves.
In this way, the President of Serbia responded to Hashim Thaci's comment that he entered the UN "through the door" and Vucic "from the ceiling", through the Kosovo people.

Ekaterina Zaharieva: All of Bulgaria's Neighbouring Countries Must Enter the EU In Order for us to Have More Security and Prosperity

Staunch support for the accession of Albania and the Republic of North Macedonia to the EU. This is the idea on which the foreign ministers of Bulgaria Greece, Romania and Croatia agreed. Ekaterina Zaharieva, Nikos Dendias, Ramona Manescu and Gordan Grlić Radman met, by a tradition, within the frameworks of the session of the UN General Assembly, BNR reported.

It’s Time an Election in Kosovo Brought Real Solutions

This is not likely to happen even if we do get rid of the tariff. Our country's priorities are of a different nature. There is no quick fix or magic solution to Kosovo's ills. Our European path will only open up when living in Kosovo is more European - with clean water and a functioning sewage system available to all citizens at the least.

More than 54,000 Vehicles Passed through Trakia Motorway on September 20th

54,067 vehicles were registered by the traffic cameras of Trakia Motorway at the exit of Sofia on September 20 - the last business day before the three weekend days for the Independence Day. Of these, 28 712 were traveling to Burgas and 25 355 vehicles were heading for Sofia, Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) traffic cameras at the exit of Sofia report showed.