Latest News from Serbia

"27 percent of energy to be from renewable sources by 2020"

And our goal is to be using 27 percent of renewable energy by 2020, Antic said on Monday, Beta agency reported.

He told the Energy and Climate Change conference, organized by the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, that Serbia's contribution to the fight against climate change should be strong, but sustainable in terms of economic capacity.

Whose side is US on, Serbia or Kosovo?

Pompeo did this during his meeting in Washington on Monday with Kosovo President Hashim Thaci.

The US official "encouraged Kosovo to seize this unique window of opportunity to reach a historic comprehensive normalization deal with Serbia under the EU-facilitated Dialogue process," a press release from the US State Department said.

"Serbia-Russia, Yugoslavia-USSR" exhibition of documents

According to the Serbian government, Dacic "emphasized that bilateral relations between Serbia and Russia are extremely good and cooperation is taking place at the level of strategic partnership."

Election Sees Power Shift in Serbia's Bosniak Council

The electoral list of Sulejman Ugljanin, president of the Party of Democratic Action, has defeated Belgrade's preferred candidate, Muamer Zukorlic - but has had to enter a coalition in order to keep its grasp over the Bosniak National Council, BNV.

Albania's Rama Defends Kosovo Import Tax Hike

At the fifth joint meeting of the governments of Albania and Kosovo in Peja, in Kosovo, the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama backed the decision of the Kosovo government to raise the tax on imports from Serbia and Bosnia from 10 to 100 per cent.

Former Belgrade mayor announces his new party

But the current focus is the fight against current authorities, Djilas, a former Belgrade mayor and a former Democratic Party (DS) leader, said on Monday.

38 arrested on suspicion of corruption and financial crime

The Interior Ministry (MUP) announced this on Monday.

The police worked together with the tax police and public prosecutors, to also file 21 criminal charges under regular procedure, a press release added.

"Only EU and US can make Haradinaj see reason"

Odalovic also said that Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj "can only be made to see reason by the EU and the US."

Odalovic told RTS that it is "most important that Brussels should be the one to explain to Pristina that things they are doing can cause serious problems."

BIRN Film Charts Rise of Serbia's Ruling Party

A new film by BIRN Serbia, "SNS - pocetak, 2008" ["SNS - the start, 2008"], delves into the origins and rise of the Serbian Progressive Party, SNS, which has ruled the country since 2012.

During the making of the film, BIRN journalists talked with many  individuals from Serbian public life, but also from the US, who had a role in the creation of the SNS.

Serbia, Bosnia will not impose countermeasures on Pristina

Brnabic and Zvizdic agreed in a telephone conversation that neither Serbia nor Bosnia-Herzegovina will introduce reciprocal measures for the time being, and will not make hasty moves towards Pristina, no matter how hard it might be in this situation, the Serbian government announced

Pristina keeps arrested Serbs in "high security" prison

Simic also said that representatives of the emergency HQ (in Kosovska Mitrovica) have spoken with the families of the four Serbs and their lawyers.

The Serbs have been remanded in prison for 30 days. "They are in prison, a center for high security cases, for which there's absolutely no basis to be used in such situations," Simic said.