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UN Court Urged to Hospitalise Ratko Mladic in The Hague

Ratko Mladic's defence team told BIRN on Wednesday that the former Bosnian Serb Army commander, who is appealing against his conviction for genocide and other wartime crimes, should be hospitalised immediately in The Hague because his health condition is now "disastrous".

"SNS video has been banned because people liked it"

"I don't think the media has ever been more open in any campaign so far. People have the opportunity to see everything. Today, I am hosted at your TV as president and I have no intention of talking about political opponents. Interestingly, some had higher ratings until they appeared on RTS and Pink.

Kisic Tepavcevic: That never happens with infectious diseases

She emphasized that the epidemiological situation is much more favorable now, with the trend of a drop in the number of the infected.
"It was expected in public that the number of infected people would decrease linearly. That never happens with infectious diseases," said Kisic, who is also the deputy director of the Institute of Public Health of Serbia "Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut".

69 new cases, no deaths

So far, a total of 11.965 cases have been registered.
There have been no deaths in the last 24 hours.
Compared to the previous results, 5.239 people were tested.
There are 447 active cases in Serbia, while 15 patients are on a respirator.

Montgomery: Only one person in the region is strong enough to reach Kosovo solution

According to him, he believes that it is questionable whether international forces and internal Kosovo-Albanian divisions will enable that.
He points out that the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, is the only person in the region who has the strength and desire to reach a good solution to this problem.

Epidemiologist Kon: Two more weeks

Commenting on the slight leap in the number of new patients in the previous days, Kon said that hotspots had appeared in Novi Pazar and Tutin.
"The appearance of new cases on respirators does not confirm the assumption that the virus has weakened. If it attacked someone who is chronically ill, it would be very dangerous," Kon said.

Lavrov Visit to Serbia ‘Timed to Coincide With Elections’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will start a visit to Serbia on June 18, according to his Serbian counterpart, Ivica Dacic. The visit appeared timed to coincide with the end of the election campaign in the strongly pro-Russian country.

Thaci: The agreement will be reached until the end of the year

He added that he believes that an agreement could be reached this year, Kosovo online reports.
Thaci said that it would have to move quickly in that direction in order for Kosovo to join the EU and NATO. He stated that he is optimistic that an agreement with Serbia will be reached this year.

"We will ask Belgrade how more than 4.000 people recovered in one day"

The Institute of Public Health of Montenegro told Antena M that they are in compliance with the EU recommendations that the relaxation of measures and the opening of borders must be done gradually and on the basis of scientifically based evidence and facts.

Hoti’s Shaky Government Faces Uncertain Future in Kosovo

New Prime Minister faces an uphill battle to counter low public support and strong opposition in parliament - with the economy still reeling from the pandemic and the country confronting thorny negotiations with Serbia.