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More than 1.900 newly infected, 15 people died

11.960 people were tested, 2.652.095 since the outbreak of the pandemic.
The number of patients on hospital treatment is 4.002, and there are now 153 people on respirators.
The total number of registered cases amounts to 400.837.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 4.071 people have died from COVID-19 in Serbia.

"We have to be careful"

Vučić talked with Vladimir Putin

According to the statement, the two presidents ascertained that no one can destroy the friendship between Serbia and Russia, and that relations between the two countries are stable and on the rise.

Dismissed chief of GAK "Narodni front" spoke up

She told "Telegraf" that it is true that she was replaced, but that it is not true that she was ill.
"It is true that they replaced me. I was not sick. The story has a different connotation," Snezana Rakic told "Telegraf".

Now, Serbia could not fulfill what has been signed

It practically comes down to reconsidering the decision to move the Serbian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, to which we have committed ourselves in the Washington agreement. This is also indicated by the statement of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, that we will "build relations with the Jewish state in accordance with the new circumstances."

Scandal in GAK "Narodni front"

Proceedings were initiated against her because she got infected with COVID-19, and yet she came to work and thus endangered the health of colleagues, patients and babies, according to TV Prva.
Dr Raki traveled abroad and upon her return to Serbia, she did not perform a negative PCR test, nor did she spend ten days in isolation.

Merkel: Serbia vaccinates faster than the rest of Europe

Angela Merkel's government is being criticized for the slowness of the vaccination campaign in relation to countries such as Great Britain or the United States. She called on the Germans to "endure some more time" and warned of the danger of various strains of COVID-19.

More than 1.900 newly infected, 18 people died

In the last 24 hours, 12.191 people were tested, while the total number tested was 2.640.135.
There are now 4.017 people in hospital in Serbia, and there are 139 patients on respirators.
The total number of deaths is 4.056.

"Serbia very close to declaring victory over coronavirus"

"Hypocrisy has a name"; "Here is another example - Serbia"

EU was the first to react, after the so-called opening of the representative office was announced, but also officially completed. EU stated that the EU's position on embassies in Jerusalem is clear and unchanged.

Serbia beat Canada at the start of the ATP Cup

Our team beat Canada 2-1 in the "Rod Laver" arena, it wasn't easy at all, but it was great to watch them in a match like this after a while.
In probably the most difficult group in the competition, it was important to start with a victory, and the Serbian team succeeded in that.

The main topic of the world media is Serbian success with vaccination process

The main topic of the show is the success that Serbia has achieved in terms of procurement of vaccines and immunization of the population.
Brnabic pointed out at the start of the interview that Serbia was involved in the process of procuring vaccines from the very beginning.

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