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Serbians warned to avoid traveling to "chaotic" UK

Dacic said on Thursday that he, too, is warning the citizens of Serbia not to travel to the UK because of great political instability in that country, that is currently experiencing "major political chaos."

"No EU for Serbia without effective Kosovo normalization"

He stressed that the citizens of Serbia "have to be aware that without the effective and comprehensive normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina there will be no accession to the European Union."

Serbian Patriarch Irinej: Religious Leader or Political Cheerleader?

One might expect a man of his position to appeal for dialogue, for compromise and talks, rather than accuse the protesters of aiding "Serbia's enemies".

With such comments, Irinej waded into the realm of daily politics, and took a side.

Many of those listening were disappointed.

Croatia’s Zagreb Courts Controversy with Potential UAE Makeover

But the potential UAE investment risks running into the same kind of objections that have dogged the Belgrade Waterfront development - from architects and residents fearful of the impact on their city, to civil society organisations and experts who decry the lack of transparency that frequently characterise such projects.

FM: Maybe clouded minds plan to cause incidents in North

The foreign minister and first deputy PM spoke for TV Pink on Wednesday and did not rule out the possibility that those incidents would be caused by "those with clouded minds" who want to conquer the north of Kosovo (predominantly inhabited by Serbs).

Serbian foreign minister to visit Russian Federation

Dacic, who also serves as first deputy PM, on Tuesday received Russian Ambassador Aleksandr Chepurin, to discuss "joint activities and plans for further development of bilateral cooperation in the coming period."