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Maribor Theatre Festival to be held in-person in June

Maribor – The 56th Maribor Theatre Festival will be held from 14 to 27 June instead of its usual slot in October, but it will be held fully in-person. Its artistic director Aleš Novak said that while many other festivals decided to go hybrid, they insisted on fully live events.

President to decorate three media, including STA

Ljubljana – President Borut Pahor has announced he will award presidential decorations to the Slovenian Press Agency (STA), the Koper bureau of public broadcaster RTV Slovenija and the Slovenian bureau of Italian public broadcaster RAI.

Fundraising campaign for STA ending

Ljubljana – A month-long fundraising campaign by the Association of Slovenian Journalists (DNS), which has raised EUR 264,500 for the Slovenian Press Agency (STA), is coming to a close. Donations via SMS are no longer possible, but if anyone wishes to donate, they could still do that by bank transfer until the end of June.

European Shooting Championship: Romania wins bronze in 10m air rifle

Romania won the bronze medals in women's 10m air rifle on Tuesday at the European Shooting Championship in Osijek, Croatia. Laura-Georgeta Ilie (626.7 points), Roxana Sidi (626 points) and Eliza Alexandra Molnar (618.8 points) reached the final of eight following Monday's contests, totaling 1,871.5 points.

European journalism organisations on virtual mission to Slovenia

Ljubljana – The Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR), an initiative funded by the European Commission that monitors violations of press and media freedom, will be on a virtual mission to Slovenia over the next two weeks to examine alleged deterioration in media freedom in the country. The findings are to be released in July.

Slovenian pavilion launched at architectural La Biennale di Venezia

Venice – The Slovenian pavilion was launched online at the 17th architectural exhibition La Biennale di Venezia on Friday. The Slovenian project focuses on the Yugoslav-era community centres as a type of social infrastructure, highlighting the role of architecture in building a sense of community.

In Slovenia, World Press Freedom Day focuses on STA

Ljubljana – World Press Freedom Day, celebrated on Monday, was dedicated to the situation at the Slovenian Press Agency (STA) as a fundraising campaign in support of the STA officially kicked off.

The campaign comes after the government suspended financing of the agency. It has been organised by the Association of Slovenian Journalists and the Trade Union of Journalists.

One of Slovenia’s bestselling books gets sequel

Ljubljana – Goran Vojnović has written a sequel to his bestselling debut novel Čefurji Raus! after 13 years. Đorđić se Vrača (Đorđić Returns) is no longer a story about Slovenians and immigrants from the former Yugoslavia and their children, but about a world that is disappearing.

Terrifying Twitter: Slovenia’s Marshall Twito and his ‘Fake’ Friends

Jansa might use the disclaimer 'retweets are not endorsements', but politicians like him "use fake profiles as a proxy," said Strok, "to spread information or words that they know would put them in more trouble if they tweeted it themselves."

"He retweets more than 100 tweets a day," Strok said. "Of course they're endorsements."

Trump tactics

Journalists condemn threats by govt national security official

Ljubljana – The journalists of the newspaper Delo, as well as the paper’s editorial board and the Journalists’ Association, have condemned threats levelled against Delo’s Brussels correspondent Peter Žerjavič by Žan Mahnič, the state secretary for national security.

Three centuries of the Škofja Loka Passion Play

Škofja Loka – The Škofja Loka Passion Play, Slovenia’s oldest play, was staged in the town of Škofja Loka on Good Friday exactly 300 years ago. Passion processions had been held in town before and the play was in the making for years, but the preserved manuscript is dated 1721.

EU urged to protect independent journalism in Poland, Hungary, Slovenia

Ljubljana – A group of 19 NGOs and associations advocating media and human rights urged the EU on Tuesday to “take decisive action to protect independent journalism” in Poland, Hungary and Slovenia. The call comes a day before a debate on threats to media freedom in the three countries to be held at the European Parliament.

Important dilemma of digital journalism is attitude to social networks

Ljubljana – Digital journalism in Slovenia is on the rise and is no longer only an additional channel. Working online has its specifics and brings new dilemmas, one of them being the attitude to social networks, sharing contents and communicating with followers, agreed participants in a panel on contemporary trends in journalism on Thursday.