All News on Entertainment in Slovenia

Stage is set for Jazz Cerkno

The three-day festival, taking place at a covered venue in the town's central square, will get under way with a concert by the Big Band RTV Slovenija, followed by a quartet led by Slovenia's foremost jazz guitarist Samo Šalamon.

Closing the first day will be a trio featuring Hailu Mergia, one of the pioneers of ethio-jazz.

Bob Geldof and Jesus Christ Superstar to headline Lent Festival

The main festival stage will be set up in the central Leon Štukelj square and is set to host La Traviata opera and the Faun-Carmen-Bolero ballet performance by the SNG Maribor Theatre, one of the festival's most important partners.

Slovenia Urged to Ban Croatian Nationalist Singer

Politicians called for Croatian singer Marko Perkovic Thompson to be barred from playing a concert in Slovenia, alleging his nationalist lyrics incite hatred, but organisers insist there is no legal basis for a ban.

The future: Made in Slovenia

For or instance, last year scientists made clothes that could repair themselves with just a touch of warm water, shoes that lace themselves, a robot that can autonomously make a complete garment, and skin-like material that will mean an end to facelifts and dark bags under the eyes. Flying cars, anyone? They're not that far from becoming reality.

Renovated Tivoli cultural hotspot to open this summer

The name "Švicarija" comes from a summer house in the Swiss style that was built on the site in the mid-19th century by order of Czech field marshal Josef Radetzky, the master of the nearby Tivoli Catle.

London's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Ljubljana next month

The performance will be held as part of the 65th Ljubljana Festival and will feature Beethoven's Violin Concerto performed by Zukerman, widely regarded as one of the greatest violinists of the second half of the 20th century.

Kantfest to be held November 24-27 in Belgrade

BELGRADE - The 3rd Belgrade singer-songwriter festival "Kantfest", dedicated to Bob Dylan, will be held on November 24-27.

Over forty contestants from Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Montenegro, BiH, Macedonia and Serbia will perform.

In the competitive part of the program, singer-songwriters will only perform their original songs accompanied by one instrument.

Slovenia… Douze Points!!!

It must have been like one of those nights when everybody was glued to the television to watch the Eurovision Song Contest. 

When I saw the picture of a bar in Sevnica, Slovenia, with residents cheering for the election victory of Donald Trump; those were the words that instantly came out from my mouth. Slovenia… douze points!!! Slovenia twelve… points!!!

Turkish film 'Swaying Waterlily' wins in Montreal

Turkish director Seren Yüce's film "Rüzgarda Salınan Nilüfer" (Swaying Waterlily) has won the Best Script Award at the 40th Montreal Film Festival, which ended on Sept. 5. 

The Best Film Award went to the Croatia, Macedonia, Czech Republic and Slovenia co-production "The Constitution," directed by Rajko Grlic. 

Home film production good, box office results poor

The SFC, previously known as the Slovenian Film Fund, held a news conference in Ljubljana to present new projects and statistics for 2015, when the centre marked its 20th anniversary.

Its director has been complaining for a while that money for Slovenian film production is insufficient.

Sarajevo Film Festival Expects 100,000 Visitors

Construction of the main stage has started in front of Sarajevo's National Theatre, which will be the main venue for the red-carpet introductions and presentations at the 21st Sarajevo Film Festival which starts in less than three weeks in the Bosnian capital.  

Croatia Issues Arrest Warrant for Dinamo Chiefs

Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic told a TV show on Thursday that an internal arrest warrant had been issued for senior officials of the Zagreb football club Dinamo.

The main man in question, Zdravko Mamic, via a video link to the same TV show, called the minister a liar and said he was a victim of a political plot.

Theater festival for children opens in Ankara

Thousands of people are expected to attend the international children's theater festival titled "Little Ladies, Little Gentlemen" in Ankara starting April 24.

The festival will stage more than 80 performances from 14 local and 12 foreign theater groups. Bulgaria, France, Croatia, Norway, Italy and Slovenia are some of the participant countries.

European Facebook poetry festival to begin on Saturday

BELGRADE - The European Facebook Poetry Festival will begin at the Novi Sad Fair within the 21st International Book Fair and it gathers over 500 poets from Serbia and abroad.