All News on Social Issues in Slovenia

Coalition committed to upgrading pension system

One of the coalition's priorities will be trying to build a consensus as soon as possible on how to amend the pension system to ensure its long-term financial sustainability. They also want to transform the Pension Fund Management (KAD) into an independent Demographic Fund.

Austria Keeps Door Part-Closed To Croatian Workers

After Slovenia on Friday announced that Croatian nationals no longer need visas to work there, Austria remains the only EU country that is still restricting access of Croatian citizens to its labour market.

Austria warned in March that it intended to seek the approval of the European Commission to extend the transitional period until 2020.

Austria's anti-illegal migrations drill "provocative"

Slovenia's outgoing Prime Minister Miro Cerar said this on Tuesday, as the exercise went ahead despite Slovenia's objections.

The Pro Borders drill saw Austrian police and army demonstrate emergency measures aimed at preventing illegal migrations.

Bosnia to Seal Borders if Austria Blocks Migrants

If Austria and Slovenia seal their borders to migrants, Bosnia and Herzegovina will be forced  to close its own borders with Serbia and Montenegro, Slobodan Ujic, Director of the Foreigners' Service of Bosnia, warned on Tuesday.

Balkan States Vow Joint Action to Tackle Migrant Crisis

Security and human rights ministers from the Balkans and neighbouring countries agreed at a meeting in Sarajevo on Thursday to create a database which will be compatible with similar systems in Europe in order to track migrants.

"We must be able to see if those people [migrants] previously stayed in Europe," Bosnian security minister Dragan Mektic told media after the meeting.  

Austria "to make borders airtight in event of migrant wave"

In a statement to the APA agency, Kickl aid that a border and police unit for foreigners will be established, which will be able to respond rapidly and make borders "airtight" to illegal migration.

This unit will be ready starting in June - and this was Kickl's reaction to new data about the increase in illegal migration on the Balkan route.

Croatia worried as "120,000 migrants move toward Bosnia"

A means of defense is being sought, Croatian daily Jutarnji List writes.

Namely, Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) is merely on the path of migrants, who, fleeing from their mostly war-affected countries, want to reach the EU. One of their routes goes through BiH, via which they enter Croatia and then Slovenia.

Serbia Routinely Ignoring Human Rights Rulings, Experts Say

After Serbia ignored the advice of the UN Committee Against Torture and extradited Kurdish political activist Cevdet Ayaz to Turkey, activists and experts have accused of Belgrade of disrespecting important human rights bodies.

Migrants in Serbia's North Brave Winter to Cross to EU

Mudassir, 18, from Pakistan's city of Peshawar has tried to enter the European Union 30 times but was always caught and sent back to his starting point in Serbia, reported Reuters. 

Political Overview: Pahor concerned the refugee issue may affect the geopolitics of the EU

Pahor, who starts his new five-year term in the office at the end of December, said that it would be important for Slovenia to do its bit as a sovereign country and as an EU and NATO member, in order to contribute to stabilisation and deal with issues internationally. One of the biggest challenges Pahor identified was the refugee issue, where he believes that the EU has failed the test.

Human rights a top concern, but much work to do still

Noting that Slovenia will take over the presidency of the UN Human Rights Committee on 1 January, UKOM said that the country would focus above all on respect of children's rights, gender equality and empowerment of women, and the rights of the elderly.

78% of Bulgarians Breathe Polluted Air

In Bulgaria 78% of people are exposed to dirty air, while their average share in the EU is 19%. This is what the data showed from the last annual report on the air conditions in Bulgaria of the Executive Environmental Agency (EEA) and from European comparisons of this indicator made by the European Environment Agency to the European Commission, quoted by "Dnevnik" .