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Serbia to play England, Denmark and Slovenia at EURO 2024

HAMBURG - Serbia were on Saturday drawn to play England, Denmark and Slovenia in Group C at the UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany.

Serbia will first face England in Gelsenkirchen on June 16, then Slovenia in Munich four days later and Denmark, also in Munich, on June 25.

The draw ceremony was held in Hamburg.

AP Photo/Martin Meissner

AP Photo/Martin Meissner

Over 20 nations call for tripling of nuclear energy

More than 20 countries called for the tripling of world nuclear energy capacity at UN climate talks on Saturday as part of efforts to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

A declaration endorsed by nations ranging from the United States to Ghana to Japan and several European countries said nuclear energy plays a "key role" in reaching the goal of carbon neutrality.

Greece lags behind other countries in HIV diagnosis

Greece ranks among the worst performing countries in terms of time taken to diagnose HIV patients (2.9 years on average), along with Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia, according to data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

Slovenia to Reimburse COVID Fines: Government Lifts Unconstitutional Penalties

In a significant move by Slovenia's government, an amnesty initiative has been unveiled, ensuring refunds for fines imposed on thousands of individuals during the pandemic period. The decision comes after the prior administration's COVID policies were deemed unconstitutional, prompting the return of almost 6 million euros' worth of penalties.

European Sky Shield: Bulgaria Joins 11 Nations in Air Defense Initiative

The Bulgarian Council of Ministers has greenlit a landmark decision, approving a draft Memorandum of Understanding between Bulgaria and 11 European nations. This paves the way for a collaborative effort in procuring ground-based air defense systems under the European Sky Shield initiative.

Bulgaria's Health and Welfare Spending Trails Behind EU Average in 2022

Recent findings from Eurostat, the European statistics agency, have unveiled disparities in social protection and healthcare spending among EU member states. In 2022, the average expenditure across the EU nations, measured as a percentage of GDP, was recorded at 8.1%. However, this marked a decline of 0.4 percentage points from the previous year's figures.

Tasting Italy: From Alpine Mountains to the midst of Mediterranean

This year I had the chance to travel across the countries around the Mediterranean, attending conferences, symposiums and events, from Crete to Sicily, from various corners of Spain to Italy and France, but two travels made me think more about the unique charm of Italy, how its far corners are different yet similar in terms of their concerns about tourism, and how they can put their unique gast

Profits drive prices higher

Corporate profits are fueling inflation to a large extent in Greece and will continue to do so in the coming years, according to the fall forecasts of the European Commission, which confirm previous relevant estimates of the OECD and calculations of other independent bodies, including the Bank of Greece.

Bulgaria Joins European Sky Shield: A Look into Defense Integration

Bulgaria has recently embarked on a significant strategic move by aligning itself with the "European Sky Shield Initiative" (ESSI), a collaborative air defense project led by Germany, aiming to fortify Europe's defenses against evolving aerial threats, primarily emanating from Russia.

The storm is approaching Serbia; It's already causing chaos PHOTO/VIDEO

The hail fell in the area of Zabok, Veliko Trgovie, Oroslavje and Sveti Kri Zaretje, as well as parts of Krapinske Toplice and Luka, the Zagorje portal reports.
An eyewitness from Zabok said within 24 hours that the wind carried everything before it and that the storm started in a second.
DHMZ announced heavy rain and storm for today in Croatia.