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Slovenia Declares Victory Over Coronavirus Pandemic

The Slovenian government announced the end of the coronavirus outbreak in the country at a telephone session on Thursday, having imposed emergency measures on March 12, the first European country to do so.

Slovenia’s Cycling Protesters Try to Push Jansa off Course

Dismayed by the veteran right-winger's return to power for a third stint as PM, protesters in Slovenia are finding innovative new ways to bring their dissatisfaction with Janez Jansa to his, and the public's, attention.

Labour market depends on economy re-launch, says employment official

Mitja Bobnar, the director general of the national institution, has told the STA in an interview that the labour market had felt the crisis brought by the coronavirus epidemic already in March.

At the end of April, 88,648 persons in Slovenia were registered as unemployed, which is 14% more than in March and 20% more than in April 2019.

Eurostat: The Highest Share of Expenditure on Fire-Protection Services is in Bulgaria

Firefighters are one of the groups in the forefront of the coronavirus crisis response. In many countries they are involved not only in their traditional role, but also in helping to assure other essential services to their communities such as driving ambulances, delivery of medicines and food, covid-19 testing or retrieval of the deceased.

Europe prepares for more lockdown easing as virus hopes rise

Europe on May 3 prepared for a further cautious easing of coronavirus restrictions following signs the pandemic may be slowing, after Spaniards flocked to the streets to jog, cycle and rollerskate for the first time after 48 days of confinement.    

COVID-Related Boom Reveals Video Conferencing’s Dark Side

"Disclosure of personal data, recording sensitive information, or storing people's profiles on unauthorized servers are some of the risks that go hand in hand with the use of video-conferencing tools," says Skopje-based cybersecurity practitioner Daniel Trenchov.

Nearly 13,800 Unaccompanied Minor Migrants Sought Asylum in the EU in 2019

In 2019, 13 800 asylum seekers applying for international protection in the 27 Member States of the European Union (EU) were considered to be unaccompanied minors, nearly 20% fewer than in 2018 (16 800), continuing the downward trend that started after the peak year 2015 (92 000). In 2019, at the EU level, unaccompanied minors accounted for 7% of all asylum applicants aged less than 18.

‘It’ll be Bloody’: Under Jansa, Troubled Times for Slovenian Media

"And once again this thesis has emerged that authoritarian regimes which want to establish greater power are taking on those who have different opinions," Maksuti told BIRN.

Governments exploiting pandemic to curb media freedoms

A cyclist wearing protective mask passes in the almost empty Preseren square, in Ljubljana. Photo: EPA-EFE/IGOR KUPLJENIK.

Slovenia qualify for World Men's Handball Championship

Cancelling the qualifiers on Friday, the executive committee of the European Handball Federation (EHF) decided that the ten slots are awarded to the teams which finished 4-13 at the European Men's Handball Championship this January.

Bulgaria Has the Second Lowest Debt in the EU

Bulgaria has entered the coronavirus pandemic crisis with the second lowest percentage of debt in the EU and the third highest percentage of budget surplus. 2019 figures have been released

Eurostat and the NSI provided data which are a good starting point for us to compare the situation in our country after the end of this crisis.