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Slovenian prime minister resigns

Slovenian prime minister resigns

LJUBLJANA -- Slovenian Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek has announced her resignation after a year in office.

Bratušek said she informed the country's president and parliament of her decision.

Slovenian Prime Minister Resigns, Calls for Early Elections

Slovenia’s Prime Minister has announced her resignation and pressed lawmakers to call early parliamentary elections next month.

Alenka Bratusek, a 44-year-old financial expert, has announced stepping down Saturday after 13 months as the country's Prime Minister, and has officially resigned, Monday.

Poland's Citizens 'Overwhelmingly Against Adopting Euro'

Only 5% of Poles firmly support the idea that their country should join the Eurozone, a survey by the GfK Polonia Institute has shown.

Nearly three-quarters of Polish citizens do not want to abandon the zlota, Poland's national currency, with 42% of them being "strongly against" and 32% being "against" the euro, as Bulgaria's bTV

Greeks are the EU's unhappiest workers, report finds

Greece is the only country among the European Union's 28 members states where fewer than half of its workers claim to be dissatisfied with working conditions, a poll published by Eurobarometer on Thursday has found.

Montenegro Improves Rating on Global Peace Index

The index of the International Institute for Economics and Peace, which aims to measure peace and stability in the world, said Montenegro has made progress compared to 2012, rising to 73rd place out of 162, up from 81st place in 2012.

Two moderate earthquakes hit region

Two moderate earthquakes hit region

BELGRADE -- A 4.4 magnitude earthquake jolted Slovenia at 10:48 CET on Tuesday, and was, according to reports, also felt in neighboring Croatia.

According to the USGS, the epicenter was at the depth of 12.4 kilometers, located some 52 kilometers southwest of the capital Ljubljana.

Patriarch Irinej sends Easter message

BELGRADE - Patriarch Irinej of the Serbian Orthodox Church on Wednesday sent his Easter message to all Christians and said that he is particularly praying for the brothers and sisters in the Middle East and Ukraine, with the wish that his prayer and the Easter holidays enlighten the minds of hate-mongers against the Holy Orthodoxy.

Serbian Leader Defuses Row Over TV N1

Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia's likely next Prime Minister, on Tuesday told David Petraeus, chairman of the Global Institute of the KKR investment firm, that its first direct Balkan investment - a new cross-border TV station, N1, - was welcome in Serbia.

Queen Maria Karadjordjevic rehabilitated

BELGRADE - Queen Maria Karadjordjevic of Yugoslavia was rehabilitated on Monday by a decision of the High Court in Belgrade, which also declared null and void a decree from 1947 that stripped her of citizenship and property.

Queen Marija Karađorđević "rehabilitated"

Queen Marija Karađorđević "rehabilitated"

BELGRADE -- The High Court in Belgrade on Monday announced that it reached a decision to "rehabilitate" Queen Marija Karađorđević of Yugoslavia.

The court also declared null and void a decree from 1947 that stripped her of citizenship and property.

Pro-Govt Serbian Tabloid Blasts New TV Station

The Serbian tabloid Informer on Monday accused the US of trying to subvert Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia's likely future Prime Minister, by setting up a new regional TV station, N1.

Successful completion of regional police operation

DIMITROVGRAD - In a joint operation by police forces from seven regional countries, named "Nisava 2014", a large amount of foreign currency was seized as well as a so-called ATM skimmer - a fraud device used for stealing customer bank card data, chief of Serbia's border police Nenad Banovic said on Monday in Dimitrovgrad.

Serbia lowest-ranked in region on enabling trade index

Serbia lowest-ranked in region on enabling trade index

BELGRADE -- Serbia fell on the list of the Global Enabling Trade Report of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and is now 89th among 138 countries.

Two years ago, in the previous report, Serbia was 71st of 132 countries, the Beta news agency reported.

Kosovo army would be rearmed KLA - Czech president

Kosovo army would be rearmed KLA - Czech president

BELGRADE -- Czech President Miloš Zeman has said that creating the armed forces of Kosovo would only mean that the KLA, responsible for terrorist actions, has been rearmed.

Ana Ivanovic wins

MONTERREY - Serbia's Ana Ivanovic reached the second round of the WTA tennis tournament in Monterrey, Mexico, by beating Urszula Radwanska of Poland 4-6, 6-3, 6-3 early Wednesday.

In the next round, Ivanovic will face Aleksandra Wozniak of Canada, who beat Marcela Zacarías of Mexico 3-6, 6-0, 6-1.