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Luxury is Multi-dimensional: Slovenian Individuality and Rarity as Luxury

In an interview years ago, you told me that "luxury tourism is a perfect combination of ambiance, service and destination attractions. It is the ultimate tourist experience. " Do you agree? Can Slovenia offer our guests a five-star experience?

Five Star Slovenian Traditional Cuisine

Do we have five-star cuisine in Slovenia and which Slovenian restaurants do you reckon belong to this category? What is it that makes five-star cuisine?

Woman Wins 4,000-km Bulgaria-France Bike race after Sleeping by Road

A cyclist from Germany won a 4,000-kilometre race from Bulgaria to France and became the first woman to triumph at the endurance event, reports Euronews. 

Fiona Kolbinger crossed the finish line to win the seventh edition of the Transcontinental Race on Tuesday morning.

Bulgaria's Hydro Power Plant Sestrimo Starts Planned 16-month Maintenance

Hydropower plant (HPP) Sestrimo has shut down one of its two units for planned maintenance works which are expected to last 16 months, the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) said, reports Renewables Now. 

The 120 MW unit was shut down on July 22 and is expected to be reconnected to the grid on November 22, 2020, IBEX said in a notice on Friday.

Empowerment of Consumers Drives Changes in Energy Markets

Dr. Nevenka Hrovatin, Professor of Economics at University of Ljubljana's Faculty of Economics, reveals the main challenges in energy markets and highlights the best practices from both Slovenia and the region while emphasizing that Slovenia should increase its ambition in the heating and cooling sector.

Bosnians Protest Against Croatia’s Nuclear Waste Disposal Plan

Bosnians gathered in front of the Croatian embassy in Sarajevo on Monday, protesting over possible plans being mulled by neighbouring Croatia to build a landfill site for radioactive waste at Trgovska Gora, near the border with Bosnia.

Britain's black farce offers lessons to Slovenia

In the latest episode: a tiny and utterly unrepresentative electorate of elderly, middle-class right-wingers chooses whether the country should be led by an adulterous serial liar - or an opportunistic geography dunce. Comedy does not get much darker than that.

Slovenia is Not a Place of Mass Tourism

Why have you have decided to initiate a smaller project in the sphere of boutique tourism, something very different from the Postojna Cave? The famous caves are the most visited tourist attraction in the country, after all.

"Water is good, Air is Better, but Light is the Best of All!"

Bled is one of the most famous destinations in Slovenia. First visitors here were pilgrims and admirers of the idyllic landscape, and in the second half of the 19th century health tourism started developing in earnest. Rikli is one of the people responsible for this.

Bulgaria Grants Humanitarian Aid of € 200,000 to Tackle Migration

The decision was approved by the Council of Ministers, writes NOVA TV. 

Bulgaria will provide humanitarian aid of € 200,000 to tackle migration. This will happen after an agreement is signed between the European Economic Bank and the government. The decision was approved by the Council of Ministers, the government information service said.

Boutique Tourism in Slovenia

Yes, you have read it right, Slovenia is a pearl. Our guests, who we invite more and more every year, tell us this repeatedly. It is true that there are too many people in Kazakhstan and Central Asia and the Caucasus who still do not know where Slovenia is. They may not know a thing about it, but it is also true that sincere smiles from those who have visited Slovenia are invaluable.