Latest News from Slovenia

C-bank substantially upgrades GDP growth forecast for 2022

Ljubljana – Banka Slovenije has upgraded its economic growth forecast for Slovenia by 1.8 percentage points from its December outlook to 5.8% for this year as a result of a carry-over from last year. It downgraded the projection for 2023 by 0.9 points to 2.4%. Inflation is projected to run at 9% this year before easing to 4.5% and 2.3% over the next two years.

Aided by pandemic, Slovenia met two of three climate goals in 2020

Ljubljana – Slovenia met its greenhouse gas emission reduction and energy efficiency targets in 2020 in sectors not covered by the Emissions Trading Scheme, shows the 2022 Climate Mirror report. While stressing the key contribution of measures related to the pandemic, the report notes the country did not meet its renewable energy target.

RTV Slovenija journalists to go on strike on Monday

Ljubljana – Journalists at public broadcaster RTV Slovenija will go on strike on Monday after their 23 May strike and subsequent talks with the management brought no progress on their strike demands.

The strike will take place between 2pm and 11pm, and a rally will be held at 7pm in Republic Square, across the street from the National Assembly.

Digital vouchers available as of today

Ljubljana – Digital vouchers worth 150 euros are available as of today for students from 7th grade of primary school through to university. The vouchers can be used to purchase computer hardware and were introduced under an act on digital inclusion passed in February.

SDS proposes resolution on prosecution of war crimes in Ukraine

Ljubljana – The deputy group of the opposition Democrats (SDS) has proposed a resolution in support of a resolution by the European Parliament that is dedicated to the fight against impunity for war crimes in Ukraine. The party has requested an extraordinary session for the National Assembly to vote on the matter.

Ljubljana hosting world’s leading cycling congress

Ljubljana – Ljubljana is hosting from 14 to 17 June the annual Velo-City event, also known as the world cycling summit, where advocates, cities, decision makers, researchers and industry leaders meet to discuss the future of cycling and promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transport.

Coronavirus case count up 18% in a week

Ljubljana – As many as 561 new coronavirus cases were logged in Slovenia on Monday, a weekly rise of 18%, shows data released by the Health Ministry on Tuesday. Twenty-seven patients were hospitalised due to Covid-19 and another five were in intensive care, while one patient died.

Another Slovenian satellite ready for launch

Kourou – The latest Slovenian satellite to be sent into space, the Trisat-R, has been delivered from Maribor to French Guiana, where it is scheduled to be launched on the VEGA-C rocket on 7 July. Its main purpose are measurements of ionising radiation in the medium Earth orbit to model the magnetospheric environment and better understand space weather.

New documentary on leprosy in Sudan to bring about change

Ljubljana – A film about leprosy in Sudan by Slovenian human rights activists Tomo Križnar and Bojana Pivk Križnar premiered in Ljubljana on Monday. In a debate that followed, the chair of the WHO executive board and a Foreign Ministry official commented on the failure of institutions to tackle the issue, arguing for cooperation between authorities and NGOs.

Govt parties reserved about both Ukraine war appeals

Ljubljana – The coalition Freedom Movement and the Left are reserved about both appeals public figures have addressed to the government regarding Slovenia’s stance on the war in Ukraine, while the two opposition parties have expressed unequivocal support for today’s cross-partisan open letter calling for stronger support for Ukraine.

Slovenia’s efforts shift to humanitarian, development aid to Ukraine

Ljubljana – Slovenia’s Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon has indicated the country’s efforts regarding Ukraine would shift to the provision of development and humanitarian aid, after the previous government focused on sending military aid.

Beekeeper dies of bee stings

Škofja Loka – One person has died after bees attacked two beekeepers in north-west Slovenia while they were working on the beehive over the weekend.

While they were setting up the hives, some of the hives collapsed and enraged bees attacked both beekeepers. The younger man retreated to the forest and the older man towards the car.

No Covid-19 deaths since Friday

Ljubljana – A total of 209 cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Slovenia over the weekend, a 30% increase over the weekend before. Since Friday no patient with Covid-19 has died, according to the Health Ministry.

Opposition pledges constructive but firm action

Ljubljana – The two conservative parties that moved to opposition after the 24 April general election have promised not to abuse parliamentary tools at their disposal, but will use them when necessary, also to fight against the coalition’s “misconceptions”.

Coalition says it is ready to realise its plans

Ljubljana – The new centre-left coalition expects the political situation to de-escalate now that the new parliament has started its work, and the level of the debate to be raised. Coalition deputy groups note the importance of cooperation in tackling challenges and stress they are well prepared and will work together to implement their plans.