Latest News from Slovenia

Slovenia carries out largest repatriation to date

Slovenian Interior Ministry data shows there are 335 Slovenian citizens in Venezuela, whereas the total number of people of Slovenian descent is estimated at 1,000.

Slovenian citizenship is not a condition for repatriation, which entails a special status and rights for 15 months, but Slovenian origin is.

Scholz: Tax on share dealing may be extended to other assets

The financial transaction tax on share dealing that 10 European countries hope to introduce from 2021 could be extended to cover trading in riskier assets, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said.

Despite efforts to cut emissions, Slovenia's second N-plant uncertain

The debate on a second reactor gained momentum in August as PM Marjan Šarec visited NEK, the only N-plant and one of the biggest electricity producers in Slovenia, unequivocally supporting the country's nuclear energy future.

Foreigners in one out of nine jobs in Slovenia

The overall number of people in a job in the country increased by half a percent from September and by 1.8% since October 2018, according to a report from the Statistics Office.

Roughly 10% of those having a job (92,885) were self-employed. Their number fell by 1.6% year-on-year. The number of other people in employment rose by 2.2% in the same time to 808,400.

PM Šarec sees nuclear as key to Slovenia's carbon neutrality

"The fact is ... that if we don't build a second reactor at the nuclear power station and close coal-fired power stations, we will not achieve environmental goals," Šarec said during questions time. "Things are very simple or very complicated, depending how you look at it."

Governor happy with situation in banking - sees challenges ahead

Vasle believes the situation is totally different than in 2013, when the state came to rescue the banks in a massive bailout: lending practices are better, there is no manager buyouts financed by loans and bank oversight is different.

Slovenia 13th in Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index

Slovenia scored 53.8 points, and fared best in terms of governance efficiency, trailing only Ireland and the Czech Republic.

Governance efficiency measures the results of core state areas and investments - infrastructure, market and employment structure, and the provision of a framework for sustained and sustainable wealth generation.

IMAD expects GDP growth for 2019 around the projected 2.8%

In the latest issue of The Economic Mirror publication, IMAD says that the year-on-year growth of Slovenia's GDP in the first nine months of 2019 was 2.7%, which is a significant slowdown compared to 2018, while close to its autumn projection for the whole year (2.8%).

EU court advised not to hear Slovenia v Croatia suit

The advocate general at the EU Court of Justice (ECJ) said that "the infringements of EU law of which Slovenia accuses Croatia are ancillary to the issue of determining the boundary between those two states, which is a matter of public international law".

SKB Achieved Recognition as »Bank of the Year 2019 in Slovenia«

On Thursday, 28th November 2019, representatives of SKB bank, Milan Žiaran, Vojka Ravbar, Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Anita Stojčevska, Head of Retail and Marketing net, accepted »Bank of the year 2019 in Slovenia« recognition, at the awards ceremony that took place in London.

Coalition that spearheaded independence founded 30 years ago

DEMOS, standing for the Democratic Opposition of Slovenia, brought together the parties that had been founded in the year and a half before as part of the democratic movement that demanded an end to the one-party Communist regime.

110th anniversary of Rusjan's pioneer flight marked

The documentary called The Flying Rusjan Brothers, directed by Boris Palčič, will be screened in the evening in Eda Center, a commercial and business centre in Nova Gorica dedicated to Rusjan's memory.