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HR is not compliance, it is how we win!

Prior to founding his own firm, John spent several years as a professional athlete, becoming the first Brit to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). In 2007, John Amaechi also became the first former NBA player to publicly announce he was gay.

The EP will not Vote on the Mobility Package on Wednesday

"The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, has withdrawn the Mobile Package pact tonight and returned it to the Transport Committee. Voting on the Mobility Package will not be happening today. This Parliament should not look at this heavily and divided Europe dossier. " This was stated by Jordan Arabadjiev of the Union of International Carriers to NOVA.

Investment environment in Slovenia

Advantage Austria Slovenia - A top location for investment on Austria's doorstep

Poland win team event in Planica, Slovenia third

With fine long jumps Jakub Wolny, Kamil Stoch, Dawid Kubacki and Piotr Žyla secured an unassailable lead already in the first series.

They scored a total of 1627.9 points, 8.1 points more than Germany and 24.8 points more than Slovenia's Anže Semenič, Peter Prevc, Domen Prevc and Timi Zajc in third.

Why Serb Nationalism Still Inspires Europe’s Far Right

Central to Tarrant's worldview appears to have been a commitment to the so-called "Great Replacement" theory.

This conspiracy theory posits that Muslim immigration to Western countries is a secret plot to "outbreed" white Christians of European ancestry and thus take over their "homelands". A peculiar brand of Islamophobia, it is rooted in anti-Ottoman sentiment.

Economy Overview

FinMin: Slovenia will stay comparably favourable for capital

Maribor, 2 March - Finance Minister Andrej Bertoncelj has told the newspaper Večer that despite the planned increase in schedular taxation, Slovenia will stay a "comparably favourable country", with capital still being less taxed than on average in the OECD countries.

Greeks expect more for their taxes, OECD report finds

Eight in 10 Greeks expect more and better services from the state in light of the taxes they pay, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said in a report published on Tuesday.

Political Overview

Pahor tells Sky News EU short delay of Brexit possible

Prints by Maria Karnar Lemesheva on show in Novo Mesto

Karnar Lemesheva's prints display ingenuity and a great sense of synthesis and a combination of forms, as well as a great degree of sensitivity, according to art historian Milček Komelj.

Foreign investors on the Slovenian investment environment

"Slovenia is facing a major shortage of large land suitable for production and logistics projects with an adequate spatial arrangement and utility infrastructure. With the added value of good road connections and the immediate vicinity of the airport, Brnik has it all.

Greek authorities probe New Zealand gunman Tarrant’s 2016 stay in Greece

Greek Police and intelligence services are feverishly investigating a mysterious 2016 stay in Greece of Brenton Tarrant, whose diatribe of over 70 pages explained the motivations of his massacre of at least 50 Muslims in New Zealand and included references to Greek and Turkish history.

Will a sunny forecast attract more foreign investments?

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), humanity has entered a new phase. The 4IR has become the lived reality for millions of people around the world, and is creating new opportunities for businesses, governments and individuals. Where on this map of new opportunities is Slovenia? Virtually every country on the planet is striving to lure foreign investments.

Slovenia's 15th anniversary of NATO membership

Slovenia had been a part of the Non-Aligned movement in the era of former Yugoslavia, but when it became independent the country set out to become a member of all significant global as well as Euro-Atlantic organisations, in particular the EU and NATO.