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Jurij Subic Tribute | Athens | To January 14

The Numismatic Museum pays tribute to Jurij Subic, the Slovenian painter invited to do the murals and ceiling paintings of the Ilion Melathron by Ernst Ziller, who had designed the mansion, and German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, who was to live there, in December 1879.

Eurostat: Sofia Airport is on the 63nd Position Among the 150 Airports in the EU

Sofia Airport is 63rd in terms of number of passengers in 2017 from about 150 airports of EU countries, according to Eurostat data on today's 7th of December, which is marked as International Aviation Day.

Last year, around 6.5 million passengers passed through Sofia Airport, which is 30% more than in the previous 2016, according to European statistics.

Bosnian Serb Strongman to Sack 16 Ambassadors

After meeting the new President of Republika Srpska, Zeljka Cvijanovic, on Thursday in Banja Luka, Milorad Dodik, the former RS President and new Serbian member of the Bosnian Presidency, said he would be seeking to replace a list of Bosnian ambassadors.

Industrial Producer Prices Up by 0.8% in Euro Area

In October 2018, compared with September 2018, industrial producer prices rose by 0.8% in the euro area (EA19) and by 0.7% in the EU28, according to estimates from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. In September 2018, prices increased by 0.6% in both zones.

British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce is Chamber of the year 2018

With innovative projects such as Sports meets business, trade and investment conferences in the UK, British month in Mercator Šiška, Brexit Ambition initiative, Beer Bulli digital project, Tea with Reason business breakfasts and the prestigious Christmas gala in London, they managed to increase the visibility of the Chamber and doubled the number of members in the last two years.

Slovenian President Borut Pahor visits Athens

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (r) shakes hands with Slovenian President Borut Pahor (l) during their meeting in Athens, Tuesday. Pahor is in Athens on an official visit. [EPA]

President: Greece will not accept 'arbitrary' interpretations of name deal

Greece will not accept "arbitrary" interpretations of the Prespes accord by the government of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Tuesday, referring to the deal reached between Athens and Skopje to resolve the decades-old dispute over the country's name.

Pahor: Greece must assume leading role in the Balkans

The Prespes accord is of historical importance not only for Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) but also for the broader region of the Western Balkans because it creates fresh momentum for the country's incorporation into the European Union and NATO, Slovenia's President Borut Pahor tells Kathimerini in an interview, while urging Greece to play a leading role in this pa

Deadline Looms for Croatia Over Nuclear Waste Storage

The nuclear power plant in Krsko in Slovenia, which is half-owned by Croatia, should be a stable source of electricity for both Croatia and Slovenia by 2043.

NPP Krsko produces waste that is temporarily stored in the power plant and for almost 36 years this temporary solution has been in force.

Refugees In | Athens | November 29 & 30

The Greek Council for Refugees presents "Refugees In," a two-day event at the Bios venue addressing the many different aspects of the biggest wave of migration into Europe since World War II.