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The uncertain future of the historic Greek population in Turkey

Over the past few years it seems that the island of Imvros, a Turkish island in the Aegean Sea with a historic Greek population, is experiencing what's been described by some as a small Greek renaissance, as some descendants of the Greeks who were largely displaced in the 1960s have begun trickling back.

Helicopters airlift residents to safety from deadly floods in central Greece

Severe rainstorms eased but floodwaters were still rising in parts of central Greece Friday, while fire department and military helicopters were plucking people from villages inundated by tons of water and mud that have left six dead, six missing and many people clinging to the roofs of their homes.

Business circles welcome new medium-term program

Türkiye's leading business associations have welcomed the government's new medium-term program, as they expect the economic roadmap to increase predictability.

The new medium-term program, which covers 2024-2026, outlines a comprehensive strategy aimed at reducing inflation, fostering growth and addressing various key challenges.

Negotiations and realities

Greece and Turkey have begun a comprehensive effort to normalize their relations. The road will not be easy and every step will carry the risk of unexpected developments, and even complete collapse.

More than 800 people rescued from Storm Daniel

Greek firefighters recovered the body of a man from a stream in central Greece on Thursday, bringing the country's death toll from floods to four after severe rainstorms turned streets into raging torrents, hurled cars into the sea and washing away roads and bridges. Another six people were missing.

After the Storm "Daniel": The Number of Victims in Greece and Turkey is Increasing

In Greece, they expect the unprecedented bad weather to begin to subside today. The floods in the country claimed three lives. Turkey reported seven dead.

In the area of the Black Sea resort of Ineada in the district of Kirklareli bordering Bulgaria, rivers overflowed and many bungalows and caravans were swept into the sea. Five of the victims are in this area, two are in Istanbul.

A settlement is possible

Can there be a comprehensive resolution to the disputes between Greece and Turkey? Eight prime ministers have attempted to find one, with varying degrees of effort, since 1975. One or two came close but fell short of success. History would discourage even the most optimistic. 

Two Victims of the Floods in Istanbul

Two people died in floods in Istanbul, where torrential rain turned the city's streets into rivers, AFP reported.

The storm flooded a subway station, and dozens of people were evacuated from a city library. Footage on social media shows cars and street stalls being swept away.

Turkish, Japanese ministers discuss energy cooperation

Türkiye and Japan are planning to organize the Türkiye and Japan Energy Forum aimed at further boosting ties in the field of energy.

Turkish Energy Minister Alparslan Bayraktar met with Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Nishimura in Istanbul on Sept. 5.

Bayraktar and the Japanese minister discussed potential energy cooperation between Türkiye and Japan.