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A Global Calamity: 340.000.000 Christians persecuted

In Turkey, which rose to 25 from 36 last year, citizens’ religious affiliation is recorded on the electronic chip of their ID making discrimination against Christians easy

Open lines of communication always help

After a long time, Greece and Turkey will sit down and talk. We should not expect a lot out of this meeting, but it would certainly be good if it did not come up against some serious roadblock right away.

YPG/PKK terrorist held in northern Syria

A YPG/PKK terrorist was held in the town of Al-Bab in northern Syria on Jan. 24, an official statement said.

Local security forces continue their efforts to uncover the terrorist group's activities, the governor's office in southeastern Turkey's Gaziantep province said.

Second batch of COVID-19 vaccines arrives in Turkey

A plane carrying the second batch of a COVID-19 vaccine ordered from China's Sinovac Biotech Ltd. arrived early on Jan. 25 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 plane, which departed from Beijing, landed at Istanbul Airport at 6.15 a.m. local time (0315 GMT).

Struggling with drought, Turkey to collect rainwater

A rainwater collection system will be installed in new buildings in Turkey as the country faces water shortages after recording several years of rainfalls below seasonal averages.

Paintings by coup leader cannot find buyers even at bargain price

A painting made by Kenan Evren, who was once the leader of Turkey's military coup of 1980 and president of the country for seven years, was put up for sale at an auction in the capital Ankara for 2,500 Turkish Liras ($340) two weeks ago but still could not find a buyer.

People allowing bees to sting them ‘in protection’ against COVID-19

Some people in the eastern province of Malatya are making honeybees sting them in the false belief that they could be protective against the coronavirus.

But doctors are warning them against this, saying bees could cause fatal allergies in some people.

People who think bee stings enhance their immune systems let bees sting them periodically.

Ankara Film Festival to kick off in November

The Ankara International Film Festival, sponsored by the Culture and Tourism Ministry, will commence in the capital Ankara in November this year, festival organizers said on Jan. 23.

US and Turkey on course for diplomatic, economic collision

Since the Cold War's end, almost every American president has entered office promising to focus on domestic issues, only to have the realities of the world intrude. For George H.W. Bush, it was Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. For Bill Clinton, the crisis came in the Balkans. George W.

Exploratory contacts resume with low expectations

Exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey resume Monday at Istanbul's Swissotel, with Athens having particularly low expectations of a substantial outcome due to the different agendas set by both sides.

Meeting of ForMins of EU MS to take place in Brussels

Minister Bogdan Aurescu will participate, on Monday, in the meeting of the foreign ministers of the EU member states, which will take place in Brussels, among the topics of discussion being the EU strategy for distributing vaccines to third countries, the Navalny case, prospects for strengthening Transatlantic relations, recent developments in relations with Turkey, the Gulf region, Hong Kong,

Albanian PM looks to Turkey ahead of election

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama appears to be promoting Turkey as the country's main ally and benefactor and has been criticized for that.

Ramahas promised that a hospital will be built, with Turkish money, and will be ready by the April 25 election.

Turkey expecting 6.5 mln CoronaVac doses on Jan 25

As many as 6.5 million doses of China's CoronaVac vaccine will be delivered to Turkey on Jan. 25, the country's health minister has announced.

"In line with our purchasing plan, the vaccine shipments to Turkey will continue smoothly," Fahrettin Koca tweeted on Jan. 24.

Experts warn of surge in COVID-19 cases amid school break

An increase in intercity travels in the ongoing three-week school break can trigger a surge in COVID-19 cases similar to the one Turkey experienced during the Eid al-Adha holiday in 2020 summer, Tevfik Özlü from the Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board has warned as the hotels in ski resorts and tourism hotspots have started operating at nearly full capacity.