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Editorial: Unworthy leaders

Today Donald Trump's America counts 100.000 deaths from the Covid-19 epidemic

That is more than Mr. Trump had projected toward the beginning of the public health crisis which he was handling with incredible lightness.

The Brazil of Mr. Trump's ideological bedfellow Bolsonaro in a very short time surpassed 20,000 deaths and is turning into the next great centre of the pandemic.

PM says ‘inalienable right’ to build fence at Evros border

Greece has a right to extend a fence at the border with Turkey in the northeastern region of Evros to avoid a repeat of the tensions last March when thousands of migrants attempted to scale the fence and enter into EU soil.

Virus on wane, tourists want to come back to Turkey: FM

Germans and Russians want to come back to visit Turkey, in part thanks to its skillful handling of the coronavirus pandemic, now on the wane, Turkey's foreign minister said on May 23. 
Appearing on television in Antalya, Turkey's popular Mediterranean resort, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said the country is working towards restarting tourism.

Nearly $300 mln raised for Turkey’s COVID-19 fight

More than 2 billion Turkish liras have been collected so far under Turkey's National Solidarity Campaign to aid the fight against COVID-19, a government official said on May 23. 

Turkey detains 510 people for ‘provocative’ COVID-19 posts on social media

The Interior Ministry announced that 10,111 social media accounts have been determined to be "sharing baseless and provocative coronavirus posts" in the last 65 days.

In a written statement, the ministry said 510 out of 1,105 suspects detected were "caught."

On March 11, Turkey became the last major economy to report its first case of the coronavirus.

Czech resolution on 1919 events ‘null and void,’ says Foreign Ministry

A resolution of the Senate of the Czech Republic adopted on May 20 concerning the events of 1915 indicates that the "twisted mentality built on the one-sided baseless discourses which damaged" the relations of the two countries in 2017 is still effective in the Czech Republic, said the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

Greek police forcing asylum seekers into Turkey: Report

The Greek police have been bringing in asylum seekers living in the country and expelling them to Turkey by force while using the coronavirus pandemic as a cover for their abuses, according to a report published on May 20. 

Turkey needs political ethics law: CHP leader

The main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) has called on the government to renew the 2020 budget and to prepare a new medium-term economic program to overcome the economic difficulties Turkey will face due to the impacts of the novel coronavirus.

Greece braces for Turkish efforts to export domestic crisis

As Turkish officials hold talks with counterparts in Washington, Berlin and Brussels over possible new foreign funding, Greek policy is guided by the need to stay clear of Ankara's domestic exigencies, Kathimerini understands. 

Academic sacked for comments over teenage girls’ fertility

A university in Istanbul has fired one of its staff after his televised comments about teenage girls' potential for fertility caused public outrage.

During a TV show, Professor Muttalip Kutluk Özgüven, from the computer engineering department at Aydın University, claimed that the age range between 12 to 17 is an ideal period for girls to give birth to their first child.

Europol forsees reduced checks at Turkish border

Checks at migrant crossing points at the border with Greece will be reduced or even scrapped by Turkish guards, according to Europol's annual report on undocumented migration.