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Turks push for Turkish lessons in kindergarten in Greece

The Turkish minority in Greece is pushing for the inclusion of Turkish lessons in the curriculums of state kindergartens in regions where many Turkish Muslims live, they said in a joint statement on May 7.

As the Greek Education Ministry plans to start English-language activities in kindergartens next year, the Turkish minority asked the government to also offer Turkish lessons.

UNHCR calls for equal treatment of asylum seekers

Despite a dip in arrivals of migrants from Turkey in recent months, the number of asylum seekers in Greece is significant, totaling 120,000, according to data from the United Nations refugee agency that was made public on Wednesday.

Fewer families, more one-person households in past five years: Survey

The average household size in Turkey, which was 3.69 people in 2012, fell to 3.35 in 2019, a downward trend indicating the number of children families in the country were having was declining, according to statistics and the results of a life satisfaction survey carried out by the Turkish Statistical Institution (TÜİK).

Migrants put in quarantine after landing on Lesvos island

A group of around 50 migrants and refugees, mostly from Africa and Afghanistan, arrived at the island of Lesvos on a boat on Wednesday morning, according to reports.

All the migrants will be kept in quarantine for the next 14 days as a result of measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Coast guard stops migrant arrivals by sea

A stricter approach by the Hellenic Coast Guard, involving the systematic enforcement of a new dogma of "aggressive surveillance" and deterrence, has effectively stopped the influx of undocumented migrants from Turkey, Kathimerini understands.

Turkish Treasury borrows $1.5 bln through auctions

The Turkish Treasury borrowed 11 billion Turkish liras (nearly $1.5 billion) from domestic markets on May 5, said an official statement.

The Treasury and Finance Ministry announced that some 7.3 billion Turkish liras (about $1 billion) fixed coupon bond -- semiannually, new issuance -- was sold in the first auction.

Number of abandoned animals increases in Turkey amid virus

Pet adoption rates have decreased by 90 percent in Turkey, as people have confined themselves to their houses.

While there has been a pet adoption boom in some countries such as the U.S., U.K. and Australia in times of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an opposite trend in Turkey, with much fewer people wanting to adopt pets.

Syrian baby brought to Turkey for medical treatment

A Syrian baby suffering from an eye illness was brought to Turkey for medical treatment on May 3. 

Baby Yusuf was born with a blood gland on his eye at one of the refugee camps where displaced Syrians are living in Idlib, northwestern Syria.

He has a risk to lose his one eye due to illness.

Turkey rescues asylum seekers pushed away by Greece

A Turkish coast guard team has rescued a boat carrying 62 asylum seekers in the Aegean Sea, which was turned away from the Greek side, officials said on May 1. 

The Greek coast guard confiscated the fuel and broke the engine before pushing it to Turkish waters, officials from Interior Ministry told Anadolu

Ankara sends out mixed messages

Officials in Athens are trying to make sense of what they see as erratic behavior emanating from Ankara, which on the one hand is requesting a moratorium on military exercises in the Aegean due to the coronavirus pandemic, and on the other is continuing its tactic of low-level tensions regarding the Greek islands.

Taxis offer free ride to Istanbul’s health workers

Hundreds of taxis in Istanbul will provide free ride to health care staff, who work at the city's public hospitals under a scheme coordinated by the governor's office and the provincial directorate of health.

COVID-19, an unprecedented struggle for all of us: Op-Ed

This pandemic has circled the earth in a very short period with unprecedented challenges for the health care systems as well as a dramatic socio-economic impact in Europe and the whole world.

Virus anxiety spreads quickly among people: Study

Anxiety over the coronavirus pandemic is growing rapidly among Turkish society, a study carried out by the private Istanbul's Üsküdar University has shown.
The university conducted a research on the pandemic through online questionnaires in 81 provinces, with a total of 6,318 people having participated in the research.

Eight irregular migrants walk some 300 km to reach Istanbul

Police in the western province of Bursa have detained eight irregular migrants from Pakistan, who set out on a long journey from the northwestern province of Çanakkale to reach Istanbul.
The migrants were stopped and detained after having travelled some 275 kilometers from Çanakkale and Bursa.

Volunteers organize online chess tournament amid lockdown

Three Turkish volunteer organizers decided to organize an online chess tournament amid coronavirus lockdown.

Seçkin Serpil, a member of the International Chess Federation (FIDE), international chess player Handenur Sahin and FIDE trainer Ali Polatel organized an online chess tournament in Turkey, and they already plan another one at an international level.