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Olympiakos beats Fenerbahce by 20 in Turkey

Olympiakos is staking a claim for the top spot of the regular season's table in the Euroleague after an emphatic triumph over Fenerbahce in Turkey on Tuesday, as Panathinaikos offered its fans more of the same on the road, going down at Real Madrid on Wednesday.

An honest broker? America’s position between Turkey and Greece

Expert Ryan Gingeras joins Thanos Davelis to look into Turkey's renewed threats against Greece, and break down what a a Turkish assault against Greece in the Aegean would mean for the US and its position as a mediator between Turkey and Greece.

Türkiye hosts FIVB Volleyball Women Championship in Antalya

Türkiye will be hosting the FIVB Volleyball Women's Club World Championship for the second successive time, the Turkish Volleyball Federation has announced.

"The competition will be held in [the southern province of] Antalya between Dec. 14 and 18," it said in a statement.

Türkiye will be represented in the tournament with two teams, Vakıfbank and Eczacıbaşı Dynavit.

Female wrestler becomes world champion second time

Turkish female wrestler Yasemin Adar Yiğit has gained her second world championship in her career after defeating her Egyptian opponent Samar Amer İbrahim Hamza in Serbia's capital Belgrade.

The 76 kg category Greco-Roman style wrestler said, "I tried to show the strength of the Turkish women to the world," on late Sept. 14.

Afghan refugee wants to fight for Slovenia in Olympics

Maribor – Mohammad Dawood Rezai left his home in Afghanistan at the age of 14. He could have hardly imagined then that almost seven years on his goal would be to appear in the Olympic boxing tournament for Slovenia, the country he had not heard of before arriving here in February 2016.

FIFA, UEFA denounce shooting attack at Turkish soccer office

FIFA and UEFA on Sept. 2 condemned a shooting incident at the headquarters of the Turkish soccer association during a board meeting.

Turkish media reported at least seven bullets were fired at the building in Istanbul on Thursday before the shooters escaped in a waiting vehicle. No injuries were reported.

Pešić: They see us as Yugoslavia

Pei did not reveal which twelve basketball players he will take to the Eurobasket, saying that he will do so on Wednesday after training.
Serbian basketball players achieved two important victories in the Mundobasket qualifiers, against Greece and Turkey, so they travel to Prague full of confidence.

Serbia strong on its way to Mundobasket - Serbia's victory in Istanbul

Serbia now has an identical score of 3/3 with Belgium (defeated by Greece) in the third position and placement at Mundobasket has never been more realistic for Svetislav Pei's team.
If it could have been done with less drama - it could have been. Serbia started violently from the start and showed that it is a better team.

Incredible Nikola Jokić VIDEO

With his assists and scores, Joki brought Serbia back to the game, and then he brought the advantage for the victory of the "Eagles" at the tournament in Germany.
He especially stood out in the most important attack of the game, with 30 seconds to go, when he showed Nikola Kalini where to stand in order to assist him for two easy points.