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Iranian investment in Turkey on rise: Cooperation body

Iran’s investment interest in Turkey is rising, as it provides a route to break into the global economy, Aegean-Iran Cooperation Association has said to Anadolu Agency in İzmir.

Turkey, South Korea sign major trade deal

Turkish Minister Yazıcı (C), Undersecretary of South Korean Customs Administration Baek Un-chan (L) and his Turkish counterpart pose at the ceremony. Turkey moved to develop its multi-billion dollar bilateral trade with South Korea yesterday by signing a deal to harmonize their customs systems – the first such deal between the Asian nation and a European country.

Cybercrime ‘costs’ $445 billion a year

Cybercrime costs the global economy about $445 billion every year, with the damage to business from the theft of intellectual property exceeding the $160 billion loss to individuals from hacking, according to research published on June 9.

BLOG: Before converting Hagia Sophia, look at the mosque-cathedral of Cordoba

The mosque-cathedral of Cordoba and the Hagia Sophia of Istanbul – both magnificent buildings – were victims of the geopolitical standoff of medieval times and the egos of the new conquerors who wanted to certify their victories and assert their religious superiority.

Russians Invested EUR 18 B in Property in Bulgaria

The Russian citizens own 300 000 properties in Bulgaria and invested around EUR 18 B, reports Deutsche Welle. 

According to estimates, this is about 10 times more than the officially recognized investments by Russian companies in Bulgaria. Thus Russia becomes the largest foreign investor in Bulgaria's economy. 

Turkey, Iran on different page in Syria but ties ‘strategic’

Iranian President Hasan Rouhani, who pays a historic visit to Turkey, described partnership between Turkey and Iran as “strategic” and “strong” with future plans to deepen relations in every field including joint fight against "extremist terror" in reference to growing concerns about the existence of some radical groups in Syria

Foreign exchange rate increases amid fluctuating foreign trade

According to the exports data for the first four months of 2014, when compared to the first four months of 2013 of the low-rate period, we cannot say there was a ‘boost’ in exports, whereas the increase in the foreign exchange rate is not at all a small one The structure based on a low foreign exchange rate policy that Turkey has been following for some time due to the effect of chan

How to mix?

Since April 2, a total of 200 bartenders have been competing for regional rounds to be among the world finalists to represent Turkey at the Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS™ Global Finals “How to mix?” will be sole problem tonight for 16 young bartenders in Istanbul.

Rouhani is in Ankara with delicate timing

As Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani starts his two-day official visit to Ankara today hosted by President Abdullah Gül of Turkey, high rank delegations from the U.S. and Iran will meet in Geneva for two days of nuclear talks in the first direct diplomatic contact since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.