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Come together for a ‘New Life’

This is a different kind of election. As Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan breaks down every logical and sensible argument, insults everyone that barely criticize him and looks for an easy win in the first round, Turkey will look for other options on its horizon.

Foreign drivers in Turkey, too, should keep this article

It is very common for drivers in Turkey to get caught on radar either during intercity travel or within cities.

Each time somebody gets caught, the phrase is the common one, “It was impossible to notice the radar. Why would they choose to place it there?!”

OSCE to offer recommendations to improve election system in Turkey

Within two months after presidential elections, a delegation from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) will release its final report, which will also include recommendations for improving the election system in Turkey, said the head of the OSCE’s election observation team in Turkey.

Death toll reaches 33 in Diyarbakır tanker accident

The Death toll from a tanker truck accident on July 22 in southeast Turkey has increased to 33 with the deaths of three more patients in different hospitals this week.

Police officer Akif Çakır died Aug. 5. Two injured passengers, Özlem Şimal and Ahmet Şen, who were being treated in hospitals in Adana and Ankara died on Aug. 6.

Turkey airdrops aid to internally displaced persons in Iraq

Ankara aids Yazidis holed up against jihadists seeking to massacre them, dropping supplies on Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq The Turkish government airdropped humanitarian aid to thousands of members of the Yazidi community on Aug.

Turkey to be guest of honor at Beijing fair

Turkey will be the guest of honor at the 21st Beijing International Book Fair scheduled from between Aug. 27-31.

“There will be around 3,000 books from classical and contemporary Turkish literature on three stands covering an area of 932,000 squaremeters,” said Onur Arıcı, deputy minister of Culture and Tourism, at a press conference in Istanbul on Aug. 6.

Huge team to accompany Lady Gaga at Istanbul gig

A 144-member team will accompany Lady Gaga, who is widely regarded as the natural heir to Madonna’s Queen of Pop throne, for her first performance in Turkey on Sept. 16.  
The American singer will take the stage at Istanbul Technical University’s stadium as part of her fourth concert tour entitled “ArtRAVE: the ARTPOP ball.”

Main opposition warns against alarming mortgage increases

The excessive rise in housing prices in Istanbul despite a property boom concerns sector representatives, who warn against a real estate crisis that may spill over to other cities, a new Economic Outlook report released by the main opposition party has said.

Yazidis fleeing Islamic State settled in homes in southeastern Turkey

Yazidis fleeing Iraq following an offensive by Islamic State (IS) militants have been settled in homes in the southeastern province of Şırnak, Culture Minister Ömer Çelik has said on Aug. 7.

Tens of thousands of Yazidi families, as well as Turkmens living in Iraq’s Sinjar district bordering Syria are desperately trying to escape the militants amid reports of massacres.

Cheap tricks

By Costas Iordanidis

The ongoing crisis has challenged the fundamentals of Greece’s political system – a situation to which parties have often responded with cheap tricks.

Turkey, technology and transparency

Technology is, among other things, is the number one enabler of transparency through the world. If you keep a record of everything in your databases there is no way but to go transparent.

That is why there is much legislation around the world making businesses to keep everything from emails to transactions for many years digitally.

Who will be in the family picture?

102 days from now, that is, on Nov. 16 2014, 20 people will gather in the Australian city of Brisbane and have the opportunity to take a photo.

Prime Minister Erdoğan discriminates, and it works for him

Days before the country’s first popular election for the presidency, Prime Minister and presidential candidate Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s speeches increasingly include references to national origins and religious beliefs.