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Turkey won't face trade problems with Iraq, Egypt: Minister

The Egyptian government’s move to not renew its trade deal with Turkey was expected and will not hurt Turkey’s exports, and the decreasing trend in Turkey’s exports to Iraq will end soon, Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci said on Oct. 31.

Turkish gov’t to launch fresh bid to embrace Alevis

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is planning to take new steps embrace Turkey’s Alevi citizens, with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu also announcing that he will visit Hacıbektaş in the upcoming days within the holy month of Muharrem.

Russian tourists flooding into Turkey

Turkey remains one of most favored tourism destinations for Russian tourists, amid the growing flight network between the two countries and a concerted promotional campaign in Russia by the Turkish Tourism Ministry.

Turkish Central Bank raises inflation forecasts for 2014, 2015

Turkey’s inflation will be higher than previously forecast this year and in 2015, although falling oil prices could temper its rise, the Central Bank said on Oct. 31, pledging to keep policy tight until the inflation outlook improves.

UN advising on formula for equal share of Cyprus resources

The U.N. Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide, is working on a formula for the sharing of income from the island’s natural resources, a Turkish diplomat has told the Hürriyet Daily News, referring to a recent meeting between Eide and Turkish politicians in Ankara on Oct. 28.

Don’t do business, mind the (gender) gap

Everyone is discussing the impact of U.S. monetary policy on Turkish assets. They are missing the forest in favor of the trees: Two reports released this week highlight the real weaknesses of the Turkish economy.

Western perspectives on the Kurds

The highly anticipated corridor for the Peshmarga fighters has finally opened and they have marched into Turkish soil to move into Kobane. It all looked like a long wedding procession. As BBC and CNN International broadcast the crossing, ordinary Turks who only watch TV series or football matches were not able to see even a glimpse of it on their favorite channels.

Headlines from the centennial! – Third sequel

Two years after the second sequel to this column’s “headlines” series and having just commemorated the Republic’s 91th anniversary, here we go again with more headlines from the Istanbul press in the year 2023:

What this new palace symbolizes for us

As of Wednesday, Oct. 29, a tradition has come to an end. From now on, when Çankaya is mentioned, we will not think of the office of the president.

As far as I can monitor from the press, what the new unlicensed building will be called is not yet clear; a consensus has not been reached on a common name.

We will see many more deaths

Turkey has been shaken by a new coal disaster in the wake of Soma, where 301 people lost their lives in May. After Soma, this time it was in Ermenek where 18 workers were trapped under water. Neither Soma nor Ermenek will be the first or the last.

Fall of Aleppo is Ankara’s real concern

The government opened its borders for the transfer of the first units of Iraqi Kurdish fighters to pass through Turkish territory to the Syrian town of Kobane (or, officially, Ayn al-Arab) near the Turkish border yesterday, Oct. 30.