Latest News from Turkey

Lines Form at Border Crossings Between Bulgaria and Turkey

There are long lines of freight trucks at the border crossings between Bulgaria and Turkey, reports Bulgaria's wire service BTA, quoting Turkish media. 

At Kapikule – Kapitan Andreevo crossing the line on the Turkish side is around 6 km and at Hamzabeyli - Lesovo - around 5 km. 

Bulgaria Refugee Agency Head BlamesTraffickers for Negative NGO Report

Nikolay Chirpanliev, Chair of Bulgaria's State Agency for Refugees, has rejected the allegations of international human rights organizations of cases of violence against refugees.

Human Rights Watch has argued in a report that Bulgarian border police pushed back into Turkey asylum seekers. At the same time, the Border Monitoring NGO is also looking into similar cases.

Bulgaria's Kozloduy NPP Cannot Export Electricity to Turkey - CEO

Ivan Genov, CEO of Bulgaria's Kozloduy nuclear power plant, has said that it cannot export electricity to Turkey.

In a Sunday interview for the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), he explained that unit 5 of the N-plant was undergoing a planned annual overhaul and only unit 6 was operational.

Turkish Customs Officers Caught BG Driver With 61 kg Heroin

Turkish customs officers apprehended 61 kg of heroin in a Bulgarian truck as it tried to cross the Kapikule border checkpoint into Bulgaria, reports BTA. 

Officially the truck was carrying cement from Turkey to Bulgaria. At the checkpoint it turned out that the load was heavier than declared and the customs officers carried out a thorough inspection of the vehicle.  

Turkish Govt 'Committed Corruption of Consience' - Top Judge

Hasim Kilic, the head of Turkey's Constitutional Court, criticized the government on Friday over its meddling into judiciary affairs.

Kilic claimed the cabinet was committing "a corruption of conscience", as Hurriyet Daily News quoted it as saying.

International conference on World War One begins

BELGRADE - An international conference on World War One is being held in Belgrade on Friday, with the goal to objectivise the truth abou that great conflict.

The conference started on Thursday and includes distinguished scientists, historians and military experts from 20 countries in Europe and Asia.

Ellaktor lands major Doha metro project

Ellaktor subsidiary Aktor has secured the biggest construction project ever obtained by a Greek company abroad by signing the contract for the study and construction of the Gold Line Underground metro line in Doha, Qatar, worth 3.2 billion euros.

National Bank determined to remain in the Turkish market

By Yiannis Papadoyiannis

National Bank sources made clear on Wednesday that the upcoming 2.5-billion-euro share capital increase is to ensure that the group retains its majority stake in Turkish subsidiary Finansbank and its presence in the major market of Turkey.

Bulgarian Clinic Reportedly Involved in Organ Transplants Ring

A Bulgaria-based clinic was reportedly involved in an illegal organ transplants ring dismantled by Israeli police.

The crime ring was uncovered in an operation conducted with the cooperation of Interpol, according to reports of the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR).

Awards handed out to best young scientists

BELGRADE - The International conference of young scientists, which was a major success for the Belgrade 2 Regional Talent Centre, ended on Tuesday with an award ceremony.

The conference involved young scientists from 18 countries worldwide, including Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Singapore and Indonesia.

A girl from Nis wins gold again

Student Andjela Sarkovic first at Olympiad in Turkey A girl from Nis wins gold again

The State should support young people much more in order to motivate them remain in their homeland, Andjela Sarkovic (18) of the City of Nis says.

Turkey's Turcas looking to buy gas from East Med's Leviathan field

Turkish fuel retailer Turcas said on Tuesday its gas unit has begun nonbinding talks with another company to jointly procure natural gas from the Leviathan field in the Eastern Mediterranean for Turkish markets.

Russia Bans Military and Police from Traveling Abroad

Russia issued a blanket ban on foreign trips for its law enforcement and military personnel, reports 

The list includes Bulgaria, USA, Canada, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Japan, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, etc. The number of off limits countries totals 150. 

Another US Warship Passed Dardanelles Strait

A US warship heading towards the Black Sea passed through the Dardanelles Strait on Tuesday.

USS Taylor was already deployed in the sea back in February, during the Sochi Olympics.