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Dutch PM: Full Schengen Membership for Bulgaria!

During a meeting in The Hague, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte expressed his strong support for Bulgaria's immediate acceptance as a full member of the Schengen area, including for land borders. Currently, Bulgaria is accepted into the "air and sea Schengen".

Türkiye’s child obesity rank spurs demand for canteen regulation

Türkiye has ascended to the top of Europe's child obesity rankings, claiming the third spot globally, and experts think that a major culprit may be products sold in school canteens, emphasizing the urgent need for heightened inspections.

From great expectations to a great trilemma

Like many other countries, Greece faced a trilemma in the last 15 years: Could it, somehow, reconcile democracy, economic growth and globalization? No, as it turns out.

The qualitative advantage

The US government has chosen a peculiar way to handle the triangular agreement with Greece and Turkey for the sale of F-16 and F-35 fighter jets. And now it will have to manage Ankara, which does not accept that the deal contains any guarantees or commitments on its part.

US senator seeks to block F-16 sale to Turkey

A Republican Senator for Kentucky, Rand Paul, has submitted a joint resolution opposing the proposed sale of military equipment to Turkey on Monday.

Paul, a member of the Senate's Committee on Foreign Relations, has clashed with President Joe Biden's administration over the sale of 40 F-16s and a variety of other military equipment to Turkey.

A year after Turkey’s devastating earthquakes

Nektaria Stamouli, the deputy editor in chief of Kathimerini's English Edition and Politico's Eastern Mediterranean correspondent, joins Thanos Davelis to discuss a recent trip with a team of international journalists to southeast Turkey that looked into the ways last year's devastating earthquakes continue to impact Turkey and the region.

Christians in Turkey pray for return to the ruins of ancient Antioch

The Antioch Greek Orthodox Church brought Christians together in Turkey's Antakya for centuries until last year, when an earthquake killed dozens of them and sent hundreds more fleeing.

Though it now lies in ruins, many pray it will again bring them back.

3 people killed in alleged extremist attack at Turkey’s largest courthouse

Two people attacked Turkey's largest courthouse before being shot dead Tuesday in an exchange of fire that also left one other person dead and five wounded. Authorities alleged the assailants were part of an extremist organization that had been largely inactive in recent years.

Turkey mourns its tens of thousands dead, surrounded by the ruins of last year’s earthquake

Millions of people across Turkey on Tuesday mourned the loss of more than 53,000 friends, loved ones and neighbors in the country's catastrophic earthquake a year ago.

To mark what it calls the "Disaster of the Century," the government arranged a series of events to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the disaster in southern Turkey.

Turkey to convert another Greek church into a mosque

Turkish authorities are reportedly moving ahead with the conversion of another Byzantine Greek Orthodox church into a mosque. The Chora Church in Istanbul will be open to Muslim worshippers for Friday prayers on February 23, according to a report in the Yeni Safak newspaper.

Senator Van Hollen and Turkey’s F-16s

Senator Chris Van Hollen, an important voice of the Democratic caucus in the upper chamber of Congress, announced a few days ago that he will not aim to block the sale of F-16s to Turkey after the latter has ceased its incursions into Greek airspace, and, maybe more importantly, the Biden administration gave him assurances that it will continue to monitor this matter closely.

Serbia to be seeded in Davis Cup playoffs draw

LONDON - Serbia will be seeded in the draw for the September 13-15 tennis Davis Cup World Group 1 playoffs, the International Tennis Federation announced on its website on Tuesday.

The draw ceremony is scheduled for February 8.

The other seeds are Croatia, Sweden, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Switzerland, Hungary, Portugal, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel and Colombia.

Shooting in front of courthouse; Urgent statement issued: There are dead and wounded

This was announced today by Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya, adding that two attackers were killed.
Yerlikaya said that an attempt was made to attack the checkpoint in front of the gate at aglayan Court in Istanbul and that two attackers, a woman and a man, were killed, reports Haber Turk.