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Artificial pond by ‘Turkey’s Maldives’ stirs controversy

Activists and the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) are in a disagreement over the fate of an artificial pond established on water resources nourishing the Salda Lake in Turkey's southern province of Burdur's Yeşilova district.

Dead whale washes ashore in Turkey’s Fethiye

A three-meter-long dead whale has washed ashore in Turkey's coastal district of Fethiye in the Aegean province of Muğla, leading to people on the beach to take pictures.

Turkey releases photos of ships off Cyprus in show of force

Despite stern calls from the European Union not to violate Cyprus's sovereignty, Ankara Wednesday published photos of its two drill ships, the Fatih and the Yavuz, anchored off the island. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey will move ahead with its plans.

EU signals sanctions on Turkey over Cyprus drilling, draft says

The European Union will put on hold high-level talks with Ankara and negotiations on an air transport agreement, as well as freeze funding for Turkey next year, over "illegal" drilling for gas and oil off Cyprus, according to a draft statement seen by Reuters.

Firefighters battling to contain fire in SW Turkey

Firefighters have managed to contain a forest fire in Turkey's southwestern province of Muğla after efforts of nearly 18 hours without any casualty, however, some 350 hectares of forestland burned up and a hotel building was damaged.

Greece, US warn Ankara against drilling off Cyprus’ Karpas Peninsula

By George Gilson

Straight on the heels of a US State Department statement of concern, the Greek foreign ministry has condemned Ankara's fresh attempt to drill in the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus, off the Turkish-occupied Karpas Peninsula.

Tusk warns Turkey of EU sanctions over Cyprus drilling

European Council President Donald Tusk on Wednesday threatened Turkey with sanctions if it does not stop its drilling activities in Cyprus' exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Drug smuggling suspects seen as part of big network

Four people, aged between 40 and 58, that were arrested on drug possession charges in the wider region of Alexandroupoli in northeastern Greece on Monday are members of a large network smuggling narcotics into Turkey through the border of Evros, authorities said on Wednesday.

Development plan foresees ‘change and transformation’

Turkey's 11th development plan will be a roadmap to improve the country's position in the international arena and enhance its welfare, the country's vice president said on July 9.

US Urges Turkey to Stop Drilling Near Cyprus

The United States has said that Turkey's most recent dispatch of the drillship Yavuz to conduct drilling operations off the Karpas Peninsula of Cyprus is a "provocative step" and has urged Turkish authorities to halt these operations, Cyprus Mail reported.

‘Melancholy’ at heart of Turkish films, says Oscars Academy chief

"Hüzün" is a word sometimes untranslatable. It is a theme, it is a feeling, it is a state of mind for many writers and film directors in Turkey. "Hüzün" means melancholy, and John Bailey, a cinematographer currently heading the Oscars Academy, says it is an integral part of Turkish film-making, as well as international ones.

More than 1,000 ancient coins seized from Turkish man at border crossing

Customs officials at the Kipi border post seized more than 1,000 ancient Greek coins on Tuesday from a Turkish national who was crossing into Greece by bus.

Authorities said that he had packed 1,055 coins in seven plastic water bottles wrapped in tape and placed at the bottom of his bag.