Latest News from Turkey

EC: The Situation on the Balkan Refugee Route is Stable

The European Commission said that they are monitoring the movement of people on the Balkan refugee route and the increase of migrants and refugees in recent weeks, and concluded that "the overall situation is stable".

Turkey’s unemployment rate at 13.5 pct in December

The unemployment rate in Turkey occurred as 13.5 percent with 3.1 percentage point increase annually, the country's statistical authority announced on March 15.

East Med on track with US backing

In what is seen as a response to the trilateral summit next Wednesday in Jerusalem between Greece, Israel and Cyprus, with the participation of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Turkey has announced that it will start a naval exercise on the same day off the Mediterranean island's southern coast and within part of its exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Byzantinist Speros Vryonis who documented 1955 state-planned Istanbul pogrom dies at 90

By George Gilson

What those who met him remember best about Speros Vryonis, one of the most beloved and respected members of the Greek-American community who died on  11 March at age 90,  is the kindness and gentleness of character of one of the top Byzantinists of his generation whose scholarly activity and publications covered a dazzling array of subjects.

Turkey can generate 650 million euros from recycling: Activist

Recent improvements in Turkey's environmental policies have finally given the green light for a more sustainable future for the country, but if the country can increase its waste recycling rate to 60 percent, it could lead to an industry generating 650 million euros of revenue and creating many jobs, according to an activist.