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Serbia wants to join EU without damaging ties with Russia

MOSCOW - Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said in Moscow on Monday that Serbia would like to become a member of the European Union, but underlined that the country does not want to damage relations with Russia in the process.

Finance Committee adopts govt report on floods

BELGRADE - The Serbian parliament Committee on Finance unilaterally adopted on Monday the government report on the major floods in May and suggested that the parliament should adopt it as well.

Odalovic: Search of Rudnica site will continue

BELGRADE - Excavations should continue next week at two slopes of a hill near the Rudnica quarry in southern Serbia, a site suspected of holding bodies of ethnic Albanians missing from the 1999 Kosovo-Metohija conflict.

Simona Halep: I'm one hundred percent made in Romania

Romanian tennis player Simona Halep said on Monday at Victoria Palace that as a tennis player, she is one hundred percent made in Romania and she wants to remain in the country.

Erdoğan praises outgoing President Gül’s performance

Presidential hopeful, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has fine-tuned his strict criticism of the performance of previous presidents, hailing his decades-long comrade, outgoing President Abdullah Gül, for his contributions to Turkey throughout his seven-year long tenure in office.

Mosquito plague even prevents them from going to the store

Residents of Kovin fear the Vest Nile virus Mosquito plague even prevents them from going to the store

KOVIN: Residents of Kovin haven’t been able to leave their homes for days, because they are afraid of mosquitoes, which are besieging the town in swarms. Mosquito spraying hasn’t been organized yet.

Lavrov Tells Bulgaria's Vigenin Russia Will Not Back on South Stream

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has demanded that the South Stream pipeline be excluded from the scope of the EU's Third Energy package.

He told reporters after meeting Bulgarian counterpart Kristian Vigenin that Moscow would also insist that negotiations with Brussels be renewed on the project.

Ankara ‘will not block Kurdish state in Iraq’

Iraqi Kurdish leader Barzani says Turkey is unlikely to oppose the declaration of an independent Kurdish state, while praising the bilateral ties that Arbil and Ankara have forged over the past decade

Police zig-zag begging Syrian migrants across Istanbul’s Bosphorus

Syrian refugees begging in the Eminönü neighborhood of Istanbul were caught by the city’s municipal police on July 7 and offered a free bus trip to the Anatolian side of the city, only to be sent straight back to Eminönü by Kadıköy’s municipal police hours later, according to witnesses.

Center Party founded, bids for attendance from all sides

Turkey now has 81 political parties following the foundation of the Center Party (MEP), as it finalized the legal process.

Abdürrahim Karslı, the leader, said during the party’s opening ceremony in Ankara’s Balgat July 7 the MEP would remain in consultation grounds, avoiding conflicts.

Turkey condemns ‘orientalist’ event at Paris fair

Turkey’s Economy Ministry has vowed to pursue the punishment of those responsible for an “orientalist”-toned organization held at the Turkish pavilion in a Parisian textile fair, describing the activities as an “assault on Turkish culture.”

Call for Serbs to vote in Slovenian parliamentary poll

BELGRADE - Serbian Diaspora Assembly delegate for Slovenia Nikola Todorovic called on Monday on the Serbs living in Slovenia to take vote in the snap parliamentary poll there on July 13.

Bulgaria Awaiting EU Commission Green Light for State Railways Aid

Transport Minister Danail Papazov has said it will take five to seven years to raise the Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ) "back on their feet".

He added the state was waiting for approval from Brussels to grant some BGN 170 M (EUR 85 M) to the cash-stripped railway company, which is still struggling to deliver on its debts accumulated prior to Bulgaria's accession into the EU.

EduMin: 59.25 percent passing rate in Baccalaureate exams before appeals

59.25 percent of high-school graduates have passed the Baccalaureate exams in the June-July session, according to data centralized by the Ministry of National Education (MEN) before grade appeals were filed, remitted to the public on Monday.

According to the ministry, the result is four percent higher than that of the same period of last year (54.4 percent).

A long relationship endures

 Martha Graham Dance Company’s summer tour to conclude at the Herod Atticus

The Martha Graham Dance Company celebrates the long and dynamic relationship between the pioneering modern dance choreographer and Greece this summer as the American troupe embarks on a mini summer tour across the country with a performance program that promises a few surprises.