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Ana Ivanovic wins

MONTERREY - Serbia's Ana Ivanovic reached the second round of the WTA tennis tournament in Monterrey, Mexico, by beating Urszula Radwanska of Poland 4-6, 6-3, 6-3 early Wednesday.

In the next round, Ivanovic will face Aleksandra Wozniak of Canada, who beat Marcela Zacarías of Mexico 3-6, 6-0, 6-1.

Frustrated Gold Mine Company Axes Romanians

Gabriel Resources is to axe 373 jobs, around 80 per cent of its workforce in Romania, citing “unjustifiably long delays” in the approval of the gold mining project at Rosia Montana, in central Transylvania.

Macedonia PM Says Opposition 'Sound Greek'

As election races hot up in Macedonia, the ruling VMRO DPMNE party has accused the opposition of holding standpoints on the sensitive issue of the country's name issue that betray national interests.

The opposition has meanwhile accused the ruling parties of taking too hard a line on the name issue, and of excluding them from any discussion about it.

"New resolution reasonable proposal"

"New resolution reasonable proposal"

BELGRADE -- Parliament should approve the actions of its government, says Tomislav Nikolić, suggesting that MPs should declare themselves also on continued Kosovo dialogue.

Bosnian Police Warn About War Crimes Conman

Police in Prijedor are searching for a man who they suspect of falsely claiming to be collecting financial aid for the families of war crimes convicts from the Bosnian city.

EU calls for Serbian media sector to be better regulated

EU calls for Serbian media sector to be better regulated

BRUSSELS -- Poor condition of the media sector in Serbia is caused by a lack of regulation and clear market rules, said participants of a panel on freedom of the media.

“Speak Up, Serbia” was held on Tuesday at the European Parliament (EP).

Car Of Bulgarian TV Journalist Set On Fire Again

The car of the journalist from Bulgaria's bTV Genka Shikerova was set on fire again last night, said the TV channel. 

It is completely burned down. Police suspects arson. 

Shikerova's car was previously set on fire last September. The police never caught the perpetrator. 

8.2-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Northern Chile, at least 5 Dead

A powerful magnitude-8.2 earthquake struck off Chile's northern coast late Tuesday, triggering landslides and a tsunami and killing at least five.

Chilean Interior Minister Rodrigo Penailillo, as cited by the CNN, informed that the death toll included four men and one woman, two of whom had died due to cardiac arrest and three had been crushed to death.

Young people sentenced to be subtenants

Young people sentenced to be subtenants

The large number of those who need a flat today, can afford to pay a monthly credit installment of up to 100 Euros. That amount is not sufficient to purchase about the cheapest 20 square meters in Serbia.

At the moment there are about 300,000 subtenants in Serbia, half of them are in Belgrade.


In Macedonia, an effort to stop corrupt police

In Macedonia, an effort to stop corrupt police

Three police officers face charges connected to a human trafficking investigation.

Macedonia is examining suspected cases involving legal infractions by members of the police force. [Miki Trajkovski/SETimes]

Balkan countries train together for ISAF

Balkan countries train together for ISAF

Joint preparation contributes to regional co-operation and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Croatia and Montenegro troops work together in a training exercise. [NATO]

Soldiers from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Croatia and Montenegro are working together to join the NATO mission in Afghanistan (ISAF).