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Turkey plans Iraq camp to prevent refugee flow

Ankara is mobilizing aid to protect Iraqi Turkmens on the southern neighbor’s territory in response to the threat posed by the jihadist ISIL Turkey is accelerating its plans to help construct a new refugee camp in northern Iraq for Turkmens who were forced to flee north after the Islamic State in Syria and the Levant (ISIL) captured the Sinjar region.

Kosovo to address religious intolerance

Kosovo to address religious intolerance

The president seeks greater institutional co-operation to reduce religious hate speech and vandalism.

Kosovo authorities are trying to undermine a trend of religious intolerance that has affected religious harmony and also the work of the dominant Islamic Community (BIK), experts said.

Inexcusable mistakes

Errors and blatant miscalculations in the application yesterday of the new Single Property Ownership Tax (ENFIA) – which has come to replace the previous Property Tax (FAP) and the emergency tax collected via electricity bills – were hardly a surprise.

US officials return ancient coins to Greeks

Some ancient coins were returned to the government of Greece on Monday after the New York prosecution of a prominent collector.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. and Greek officials held a ceremony marking the repatriation of coins dating to 500 B.C.

Academics fail to reverse cuts

The Council of State has deemed legal the cuts imposed over the past few years on university teaching staff salaries despite recent judgments forcing the government to reverse reductions to the wages of judges and members of the armed forces and emergency services.

Athens deporting far more irregular immigrants

A shortage of space at migrant detention facilities near Athens has prompted Greek authorities to intensify deportations.

According to Greek Police data released Monday, the Attica Aliens Buraeu deported 332 undocumented migrants in June compared to 185 during the same month last year, an increase of 79 percent.

Greek hopes for Commission portfolio raised following Juncker-Samaras meeting

A particularly warm meeting between Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and European Commission President in-waiting Jean-Claude Juncker in Athens on Monday appeared to result in the two men coming to an understanding about what position Greece’s representative at the European Union executive will hold when the commissioners’ portfolios are handed out next month.

To Potami party preparing to finalize and share its ideas

To Potami, the centrist party led by journalist Stavros Theodorakis (photo), is to publish a 36-page booklet outlining its main positions as the group prepares to hold the first meeting of its so-called dialogue committee.

New property tax causes uproar

The Finance Ministry’s online posting of dues for the new Single Property Ownership Tax (ENFIA) on Monday gave the jitters to hundreds of thousands of taxpayers, as tax notifications were evidently based on a plethora of omissions and faulty data.

ECI slides but Greece above eurozone average

Greece’s Economic Climate Index (ECI) posted a small decline in July, reaching 102.3 points from the six-year high of 103.7 points in June, according to the monthly survey of the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE).

SYRIZA asks coalition to withdraw amendment to media law

SYRIZA asked on Monday for legislation regarding mergers in the media to be withdrawn from Parliament.

The leftist party labelled “provocative” an amendment that allows mass dismissals in the sector even though there are strict conditions for such sackings in other sectors of the economy.

Serres teacher accused of sexually abusing pupil held in custody

A 49-year-old schoolteacher from Serres, northern Greece, who has been accused of sexually abusing one of his pupils was remanded in custody on Monday.

The teacher is accused of assaulting the girl, now aged 14, between the summer of 2011 and May this year.

He denies the charges but will be temporarily held at Sidirokastro police station.