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Turkey Admits Syria Intervention Recording 'Authentic'

Turkey acknowledged the authenticity of a leaked recording of a top officials' meeting over a possible military operation in Syria.

Turkey's Foreign Ministry representatives nevertheless insisted Friday that the content of the recording was "faked", Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has reported.

"Borders will not be redrawn in Balkans"

"Borders will not be redrawn in Balkans"

SARAJEVO -- The British foreign minister says there will be no more drawing of borders in the Balkans and that only a united Bosnia in its present borders can join the EU.

Obama Urges Russia To Withdraw Troops From Ukraine Border

US President Barack Obama has urged Russia to "move back its troops" on Ukraine's border and lower tensions.

Russia is believed to have massed a force of several thousand troops close to Ukraine's eastern frontier. According to some estimates there are around 30 000 troops, while some US generals believe the number can be as high as 80 000. 

Austria's Baumax Might Withdraw from Bulgaria, Eastern Europe

Austrian "do-it-yourself" chain Baumax is mulling a pullback from Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, Austria's Die Presse newspaper reported.

Earlier, its founder Karl-Heinz Essl announced he was kicking off a sale of his artwork collection in a move aimed at raising funds to save his company.

Sofia Airport to Launch Direct Daily Flights to Belgrade

A new direct flight between Sofia and Belgrade will be launched Monday by Air Serbia, the press office of Bulgaria's Ministry of Transport announced, Friday.

The company will provide daily flights from Belgrade to Sofia that will take about an hour and fifteen minutes at a minimum price of EUR 89 for a round-trip ticket.

Court Releases One Arrested for US Card Fraud, Other Stays Locked Up

One of the two Bulgarians arrested in Bulgaria for card fraud in the US, remains in custody, the other is released under home arrest, ruled the Sofia City Court. 

Mihail Petrov was released because he suffers from cerebral palsy and has clean police record, while Radoslav Pavlov is in good health and, though he also has clean record, will remain in custody for at least 60 days. 

Rwanda marking 20th anniversary of genocide

Rwanda marking 20th anniversary of genocide

KIGALI -- Rwanda is marking 20 years since genocide was committed in this African country, when over one million people were killed during three months.

The massacres began in April 1994, when members of the Tutsi tribe and some moderate Hutus came under attack of the Hutus.

Serbian McDonald's Denies Banning Roma Children

"Nicefoods Restaurants" says it will appeal against a judgment of the Novi Sad Court, which fined it 100,000 dinars (about 860 euro) for not allowing Roma children to enter McDonald's in the city of Novi Sad in 2012.

"Nicefoods Restaurants respect the ruling... but we will use our right and appeal the decision," the company said in a statement.

Kosovo parliament - No debate on election law

PRISTINA - Serb MPs walked out of the Friday's sitting of the Kosovo parliament, which was scheduled to debate on amendments to the election law, in which they were joined by the representatives of ethnic communities.

The parliament sitting was suspended over lack of quorum and will most likely resume next week.

Angelina Jolie Hails Bosnia War Rape Initiative

The Hollywood star addressed a conference in Sarajevo on wartime sexual violence, saying that peacekeeping troops needed better training to help prevent rape in conflict zones.

Jens Stoltenberg To Be Next NATO Chief

The NATO member states have agreed that the ex-prime minister of Norway Jens Stoltenberg will be the next NATO Secretary-General. 

Bulgaria's NEK Also Indebted to Varna Thermal Station

Varna's Thermal Power Station is still waiting for BGN 35.4 M of payments by Bulgarian State Electricity Company (NEK).

Representatives of the company managing the power station, which is part of Czech energy group CEZ (one of Bulgaria's three power distributors), announced that NEK has not paid its debts to their subsidiaries for months, has reported.

Albania Promises Ex-Political Prisoners €13.1m

Albania's government has pledged to end the hold-ups in compensation payments that have angered former political prisoners in the country. “The problem is much bigger than our ability to resolve it immediately,” Prime Minister Rama said.

“We will try first to close the wounds of their moral mistreatment while proceeding with the material compensation,” he added.