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Anniversary of Syrmian Front breakthrough

Anniversary of Syrmian Front breakthrough

ŠID -- The 69th anniversary of the breakthrough of the Axis line on the Syrmian Front and final battles for liberation from the Nazi occupation has been marked.

Russia Continues 'Provocations' over Black Sea, Says DefMin

Russian military aircraft are still committed to provocations over the Black Sea, Bulgaria's Defense Minister Angel Naydenov has warned.

In an interview for the newspaper 24 Chasa, Naydenov has asserted that no violation of Bulgarian airspace could be observed. He has hinted, however, that the purpose of their flights is more than clear to his Ministry.

SNS presidency meets to discuss cabinet

SNS presidency meets to discuss cabinet

BELGRADE -- The presidency of the Serb Progressive Party (SNS) will meet on Monday afternoon in Belgrade to discuss the formation of Serbia's new government.

After this session, more details are expected to be known about the composition of the new cabinet.

Fire In Chile Kills At Least 12, Destroys Thousands of Homes

A forest fire, which got out of control near Chile's city of Valparaiso killed at least 12 people and destroyed thousands of homes over the weekend. 

More than 10 000 people were evacuated, including more than 200 female inmates at a prison. 

Kosovo Asks EU to Set Up New Tribunal

President Atifete Jahjaga said she would ask the EU to set up a special court outside Kosovo to deal with war crimes committed in the 1990s, having secured all-party consent.

Former retail chain director detained upon return to country

Former retail chain director detained upon return to country

BELGRADE -- The pre-trial chamber of the Belgrade High Court has placed Slobodan Radulović in detention, as proposed by the Prosecution for Organized Crime.

Radulović is the former director of the C Market retail chain, as suggested by the prosecution.

Gjorge Ivanov Wins First Round of Macedonia's Presidential Elections

Incumbent President Gjorge Ivanov, from the ruling VMRO DPMNE party, has declared victory at Macedonia's presidential elections.

Ivanov is however not the outright winner, because although he received 51.65% of the votes, the low turnout means he gathered support from barely one-fourth of the population.

Apollon is relegated, Xanthi to face survival play-off

By George Georgakopoulos

Apollon followed Aris to the second division and Xanthi will contest a relegation play-off, as the end of the regular season of the Super League on Sunday produced predictable results that also included defeats for PAOK and Panathinaikos.

Market tapping came late, not early

 Acting responsibly will ensure the country its funding from bonds even without troika monitoring

By Dimitris Kontogiannis

New Iraklio airport to keep charges low

By Tassos Telloglou

The new airport at Kastelli in Iraklio, Crete, will be ready in four years’ time and will thankfully manage to dodge the high charges seen at Athens International Airport due to its concession agreement, which have resulted in reduced traffic.

More Easter hotel bookings by Greeks at popular destinations

By Stathis Kousounis

Hotel bookings from the domestic market for this Easter period are going fairly well according to representatives of local tourism bodies, although certain destinations will have a smaller number of hotel units operating compared with last year.

National is not ruling out a share increase

By Yiannis Papadoyiannis

National Bank of Greece has almost finished drafting its definitive plan to cover the lender’s capital requirements as determined by its Bank of Greece stress test, and a share capital increase may be on the cards after all.

Gauging the reactions of the markets

By Alexis Papachelas

Talk of what the markets are up to is back in our lives and there are those who want people to believe that they have an infallible instinct when it comes to predicting how the markets will react at any given time.

Time for hope, not fear

Many Greeks voted out of fear in the back-to-back 2012 general elections. They did so to keep the country afloat, in the eurozone and safe from calamity. Now, thanks to their votes and the efforts of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, those fears have abated.