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Kosovo Opposition MPs Slate Public Sector Pay Hikes

Opposition MPs condemnd the decision of the Kosovo government to increase salaries for employees in the public sector by 25 to 50 per cent on Thursday.

Driver killed in Banjaluka bus bombing

BANJALUKA - A driver with Banjaluka-based Autoprevoz transportation company was killed on Thursday after a hand grenade was thrown into the bus he was driving.

The bus was full of passengers at the time of the blast.

According to initial media reports, the perpetrator fled the scene and no passengers were injured.

OECD Suspends Accession Talks With Russia

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said it suspends accession talks with Russia, because of the country's involvement in the tensions in Crimea. 

Ukraine: The Dangers of Using Past Crises to Justify the Present

By Andrew Hammond – LSE International Affairs Research Center


Ukraine's Foreign Mnister Andrii Deshchytsya on Monday asserted that the situation in his country "is almost like ... a war." With Russian forces effectively having taken control of Crimea, this is Europe's biggest geopolitical crisis for at least two decades.

Bus Driver Killed In Banja Luka Bomb Attack

Police in Banja Luka were on the hunt Thursday for Zeljko Stevanovic, 50, who is suspected of throwing a hand grenade into a city bus on Thursday morning, killing the driver.

Bozo Popic, 55, died from injuries received in the bomb attack on the public bus he was driving.

Kostunica: Political neutrality only path for Serbia

BELGRADE - The Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) held a closing election rally in Belgrade, and the party's leader Vojislav Kostunica underlined anew that the country should abandon the EU integration path as the policy of neutrality is the only freedom for Serbia.

90 polling stations in Kosovo

BELGRADE - Deputy Secretary of the Election Commission of Serbia Veljko Odalovic said on Thursday the Kosovo Serbs will be able to cast their vote in the Serbian parliamentary election on March 16 at 90 polling stations across Kosovo, just like in the 2012 election.

Internships In Bulgaria to Be Paid

Young adults who do internships in Bulgaria will receive a salary and a labour contract. 

Property of Bulgaria's Burgas Shipyards Put Up for Sale

The property of Bulgaria's Burgas Shipyards AD is being put up for sale.

The procedure was launched upon the request of the creditors and a writ of execution issued by the Burgas Regional Court, according to reports of the BGNES news agency.

The announcements have already been published in the public sales register.

Bulgarian Parliament Approves Dual Education, 'Protected Jobs' List

Bulgarian Council of Ministers is to prepare a list of "non-prestigious" occupations needed by businesses.

The measure was announced after MPs approved at a first reading changes to the Law for Professional Education and Training jointly proposed by the ruling Bulgarian Socialist Party and the biggest parliamentary opposition GERB, website has reported.

Merkel Warns Russia would Suffer Big from Sanctions

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has told the Bundestag (Parliament) that Russia would suffer "massive damage, both politically and economically" through the West's sanctions.

Bulgaria's Dogan Attacker Placed Under House Arrest

Bulgaria's Sofia Appellate Court placed Oktay Enimehmedov, the attacker of the honorary, lifetime Chairman of DPS Ahmed Dogan, under house arrest, Thursday.

On February 26, Enimehmedov was sentenced to a 3.6 years imprisonment by Sofia City Court. He was found guilty of death threat and acquitted of attempted murder.

Dacic condemns forcible freeing of Serb in Zubin Potok

BELGRADE - Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic condemned on Thursday the forcible freeing of Serb Slobodan Sovrlic from the police station in Zubin Potok, northern Kosovo, stressing that there must be order.

"There must be order and therefore such events are not good and must be met with condemnation," Dacic told reporters.

Bulgaria Has Formally Completed US Conditions For Visa Removal

Bulgaria has formally fulfilled the last requirement for the removal of US visas for Bulgarian citizens.

The draft intergovernmental agreement between Bulgaria and US on exchanging information on targeted terrorism surveillance, approved by Bulgaria's government on Wednesday, creates a legal framework for bilateral exchange of information with a view to preventing terrorism.

Ashton Switches EU Focus on Bosnia to Economy

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in Sarajevo on March 12 that the focus now should be on economic reforms, welfare and the judiciary - not on constitutional change.