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Ankara putting the squeeze on Skopje

Turkey is reportedly threatening to delay the ratification of North Macedonia's NATO accession protocol if the Balkan country does not extradite 15 Turkish nationals Ankara accuses of taking part in a failed coup in 2016.

Unemployment rate down to 4.2 per cent in 2018

Unemployment rate fell from 4.9 per cent in 2017 down to 4.2 per cent last year, mostly affecting graduates of lower and medium education, in the case of whom the unemployment rate accounted for 5.8 per cent and 4.3 per cent respectively, according to the data the National Institute of Statistics (INS) released on Thursday. The unemployment rate for higher education graduates was 2.1 per cent.

Turkey’s former exam chief accused in FETÖ probe released

Accused of helping terror group members cheat on standard tests, the former head of a Turkish state testing authority was released on April 18 on judicial control, according to a security source.

Two ATMs blown open in Athens in early hours

Two cash dispensers were targeted in the early hours of Thursday in separate parts of the Greek capital by unknown assailants who blew open the machines and made off with the money inside.

First lady Emine Erdoğan gets 'changemaker award'

Turkey's first lady Emine Erdoğan received recognition on April 17 for her "exceptional efforts of inspiring leaders, innovative initiatives and partnerships who have provided smart solutions for global challenges."     

Old Italian consulate in Thessaloniki to go under the hammer

A post on the website of the Italian Embassy in Athens announcing the sale of a property owned by the Italian state in the northern port city of Thessaloniki is a reminder of hope in one of the darkest chapters in the country's history.

Alexander the Great finds his place in Athens

A statue of the ancient Greek warrior-king Alexander the Great will be officially unveiled on Friday in central Athens. The statue, which is a work by prominent 20th century sculptor Yiannis Pappas (1913-2005), was positioned on Wednesday on the corner of Amalias and Vasilissis Olgas avenues in central Athens.

#Europeanelections2019/ PSD tops ballot paper, followed by USR PLUS alliance, Pro Romania

The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) decided on Wednesday by drawing lots the order of the parties on the ballot paper in the May 26 elections to the European Parliament, with majority party Social Democratic Party (PSD), the opposition 2020 alliance of Save Romania Union (USR) and PLUS, and the Pro Romania Party on the top three spots.