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Larissa on high alert as Pinios River flooding looms

The city of Larissa in central Greece, particularly the districts adjacent to the Pinios River, is on high alert this Friday due to the looming threat of flooding.

Firefighters are currently engaged in evacuating residents from these areas, as the water level has reached a dangerously high point, resulting in numerous homes already being inundated.

PM visits central Greek town hit by devastating storm

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis arrived in Karditsa shortly after 11 a.m. Friday, as he is conducting an on-site inspection of the areas in Thessaly, central Greece, that have been affected by the severe weather brought on by Storm Daniel.

Mitsotakis visited the city's stadium, where he met with people who had been evacuated from their flooded villages.

SYRIZA leadership election postponed due to Daniel disaster

In view of the natural disaster in central Greece, SYRIZA has announced the postponement of Sunday's election for a new president by one week.

The decision was taken after the election committee recommended a postponement as the right thing to do given the party's institutional role as the official opposition, whose duty is to contribute to the restoration of the affected people.

Media: Soros to establish "NATO Plus"

Western countries and Japan, united in a global political alliance whose task is to suppress Beijing's influence in the world, received a new member at a meeting in the Czech Republic.

Greece’s trade deficit shrinks by 21% in July

Greece's trade deficit shrank by 21% in July as imports fell more than exports in the month, the Hellenic Statistical Authority said in a report on the country's merchandise trade.

The value of imports totaled 6.721 billion euros in July, down 17% from July 2022 (excluding oil products, imports fell 3.9%, while excluding oil products and ships, imports fell 4%).

Serbia plays for the final; "Kari, get hold of a new title", Villain vs. Bogdan VIDEO

Svetislav Pei's team made it to the top four in the world after a great victory against Lithuania, while the Canadians eliminated Slovenia.
By reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup, "Eagles" won the Olympic standard for Paris, and this Friday they will try to secure a world medal as well.

Is Putin facing the fall from power?

Namely, as the British published as exclusive news, the overthrow of the Russian president from power is underway.

As deadly Greek rainstorm ebbs, a trail of devastation emerges

Receding floodwaters have revealed a trail of devastation in central Greece left by a rainstorm that raged for three days, killing at least six people and causing billions of euros worth of damage.

Hundreds of people remained trapped on Friday in their homes or on high ground in the central plain of Thessaly, which bore the brunt of Storm Daniel's relentless deluge.

Schmidt tells Dodik: "Prepare for unpleasant moments"

He told the President of Srpska Milorad Dodik to, as he stated, "get ready for some unpleasant moments".
I actually have appointments there in the next few days and weeks, especially in Banja Luka, but also in other cities. I stick to it and recommend Mr. Dodik not to push his selfish moves anymore, Schmidt said.

Larissa: Multiple evacuation orders issued

The villages of Falani, Koulouri, and Dasohori, located near the city of Larissa in the Thessaly region of central Greece, received evacuation orders on Friday as a precautionary measure in response to the impact of Storm Daniel that has struck the region.

All neighborhoods along the riverbanks in Larissa are currently submerged.

North Korea has launched its first Tactical Nuclear Submarine

North Korea has launched its first "tactical nuclear submarine" and assigned it to the fleet that patrols the waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan, Reuters and BTA reported, citing North Korean state media.