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HealthMin Tatatru says 3,183 people confirmed with novel coronavirus in Romania

Health Minister Nelu Tataru told a news conference on Friday that 3,183 people in Romania are confirmed with the new type of coronavirus. According to him, 281 people have been declared cured. "As much as 75% of cases were confirmed in persons aged between 40 and 79. The average age of death is 66 years, most of the cases having been associated with chronic diseases.

Some 160 Turkish nationals waiting on quarantined vessel at Greek port

A Greek ship that set off from the Çeşme district of the western İzmir province in Turkey on March 7 and on which 120 out of 383 people have been tested positive for COVID-19 is still waiting on the shores of the Greek city of Piraeus.

Italy: State of emergency extends until May?

The head of the Civil Protection Agency, Angelo Borelli, announced today, as Reuters reports.
The Italian government decided this week to extend the state of emergency by April 13, which restricted freedom of movement and closed down all businesses that are not relevant to the supply of the population.

CHP mayors will continue aid campaigns despite donation ban: Main opposition leader

Municipalities being run by the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) will continue to deliver aid to families in need due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak despite the blocks imposed by the government, the head of the party said, calling on the government to coordinate efforts for the sake of society during these difficult days.

Istanbul mulls stricter curfew rules

Authorities are considering stricter rules for Istanbul, the country's largest city by population, in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus. 

As part of those new measures, a curfew could be imposed for people younger than 18 years of age and privately-owned vehicles could be banned from traffic. 

Passengers mask up on the Athens metro

A woman wearing a protective face mask walks past a metro wagon during rush hour in Athens Thursday. While masks are not obligatory attire and some experts have brought their efficiency to guard against Covid-19 into question, many people prefer to err on the side of caution. [EPA]

PHOTO GALLERY: Athens streets deserted during lockdown

Deserted squares, padlocked parks, empty avenues where lines of cars once idled bumper-to-bumper in traffic as motorbikes and scooters zoomed through the narrow gaps between. The Greek capital, Athens, like so many cities across the world, has seen its streets empty under a lockdown designed to stem the spread of the new coronavirus.

Weather Forecast: Mostly Sunny

It will be mostly sunny today. In the afternoon, it will become cloudy in the southwest but no rain is expected. Light to moderate wind will blow from the south-southeast, it will become north-northeast in the western part of the Danubian Plain. Maximum temperatures between 10C and 15C, in Sofia - about 11C. Atmospheric pressure is close to the monthly average and will drop slightly.

Ceremony held in solidarity with Italy

The Greek Foreign Ministry on Friday held a ceremony in solidarity with Italy where the death toll from the Covid-19 outbreak continues to rise.

Officials raised the flags of Greece and Italy as the two countries' national anthems played.

The ceremony was attended by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, Italian Ambassador Efisio Luigi Marras and Parliament speaker Kostas Tasoulas.

3 MPs from Bulgaria’s Parliament Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Bulgaria's Parliament Speaker Tsveta Karayancheva said on April 2 she has called an extraordinary sitting tomorrow. The agenda will include the proposed extension of the coronavirus state of emergency and updating of the budget.