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Passengers pushing broken-down trolley bus sparks social media mirth

Greek social media users have been in stitches since Sunday over a video showing passengers pushing a broken-down trolley bus on Syngrou Avenue in Athens. 

The bus broke down in the middle of the circuit of a bicycle race that was taking place in central Athens on Sunday. 

Tourism arrivals soar 24.5% in Q1, but hotels report only moderate growth

Greek tourism enjoyed a huge leap in the first quarter of the year, compared to the first three months of record year 2023. It showed growth of almost 25% in foreign arrivals per the data published on Tuesday by the Bank of Greece, with the short-term rentals accounting for the lion's share of that increase.

Fiscal surplus still elusive

The continuous overperformance of budget tax revenue, confirmed by the January-April data, has already been consumed, while additional expenses have arisen, competent sources in the State General Accounting Office are warning.

Turkish Airlines eyes 171 mln passengers by 2033

Turkish Airlines (THY), renowned for its extensive global network and marking its 91st anniversary, aims to expand its fleet to 813 aircraft and serve 171 million passengers yearly by 2033, as part of its strategic plan.

Türkiye increasing share in luxury tourism

As the global travel market prepares for new records throughout 2024 following the coronavirus pandemic, the luxury tourism sector is also experiencing growth.

The luxury travel market is expected to reach a size of $578 billion by 2028.

Bulgaria's Eurozone Ambitions by 2025: Addressing Inflation and Economic Alignment

Bulgaria's prospects for joining the euro in 2025 have been bolstered by a cooling annual inflation rate, which dropped to the eurozone average of 2.4% in April, marking its first dip below 3% since the summer of 2021, according to statements from the country's finance ministry to Euractiv Bulgaria.

Cuisine week showcases local Turkish dishes

All 81 provinces of Türkiye, along with its overseas representations, are set to host a week-long series of programs spotlighting the unique dishes and local ingredients of Turkish gastronomy.

Dacic: West pressuring countries that might support Srebrenica resolution

BELGRADE - Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said on Tuesday Western powers were pressuring countries that might support a draft UN General Assembly resolution on Srebrenica and noted that, even though the outcome of a vote on the document would not be favourable for Serbia, Western states would not be satisfied either because they expected a two-third majority.

Greeks do not trust each other, survey shows

Greeks are experiencing a significant crisis of trust not only in institutions, but also in each other, according to a nationwide survey by research organization Dianeosis.

Asked whether "most people are trustworthy," an overwhelming 86.6% said that "we need to be especially careful in our dealings with people."