Family of slain rapper calls for public support for conviction of Golden Dawn

The family of Pavlos Fyssas, a musician and activist stabbed to death by a self-professed member of Golden Dawn in September 2013, published a statement on Friday calling on the public to champion the condemnation of the neo-Nazi party.

"We anticipate the court's decision to be a minimum vindication in the memory of Pavlos and all those harmed by Nazi violence," the 34-year-old rapper's family said ahead of the verdict expected to be delivered by the panel of judges that has spent more than five years listening to a case against Golden Dawn.

The party, which is no longer in Parliament, has been accused of constituting a criminal organization with a distinct hierarchy that was aware of or complicit in violence committed against its political and ideological rivals. Dozens of defendants, including high-ranking party officials, are accused on connection with the murder...

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