Protest by Alliance for Romanians Unification in Victoriei, University squares

A protest heralded by the Alliance for the Unification of the Romanians (AUR) is underway on Saturday in the Victoriei Square and the University Square, its co-chairman George Simion stating that the protesters demand "inclusively the right to protest to be resumed" as it "has been canceled during the pandemic" and accusing the current power of "political repression against the parties from outside the Parliament". "It is a spontaneous marathon protest, we have brought this bus that has traveled for a month and a half throughout the country. We have suffered much repression from the law enforcement employees, we were fined over 20,000 RON and we fight for our freedom, inclusively for the right to protest to be resumed. The right to protest has been canceled during this pandemic and we, the almost 1,000 people here so far, but perhaps more will come, demand the right to protest and the human rights that were suspended during the pandemic to be resumed," George Simion told AGERPRES. Simion added that he has 10 concrete claims, "from the sacking of the Transport minister for the accident he has caused, to the investigation of all acquisitions completed during the pandemic". "We want schools to unfold activity normally, in Romania right now there is no online (education, ed. n.), it is just a farce and we believe that this protest will last until our claims are achieved," the AUR leader said. Accompanied by a patriotic music, the protesters in the two large squares bear banners with anti-gov't slogans and wave tricolour flags.AGERPRES(RO - author: Sorinel Penes, editor: Karina Olteanu; EN - editor: Maria Voican)

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