The irrationality of fear

When I was young and woke up abruptly in the middle of the night - during that transitionary phase between dream and reality - I used to see shadows and shapes that were not really there. For example, I would connect the shape of my cupboard with that of my chair and would see a monster.

The frames on the wall would serve as the monster's hat and the white fluorescent cupboarddoor handles would serve as the eyes. As much as I tried to reason with my fear, saying that these are only normal harmless objects, the monster was still there in front of me, alive and abominable, until I was too tired and fell back to sleep.

These thoughts returned to my mind when I saw the groups of German protesters who created similar nonsensical monsters in the name of fighting against the coronavirus protective measures. Fear is foremost irrational, it is hard to persuade someone who is...

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