Coronavirus: Containment measures come into effect in Attica

Strict containment measures went into effect across the Attica region on Monday amid a worrying spike in coronavirus cases.

The measures include a suspension of all concerts and other cultural events and the closure of indoor cinemas; a cap of nine people for private and public gatherings; a cap of 20 people for weddings, baptisms and funerals; sending 40% of employees in the private and public sector home to work; and staggering arrival hours in the civil service to prevent congestion on mass transportation.

Authorities are also urging individuals aged over 65 years old to limit their outings and interactions with other people to the essential.

There are also plans to quarantine people belonging to vulnerable groups like the homeless and migrants who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus but are asymptomatic. They will be put up in hotels rented for this...

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