September starts with grocery gains

Supermarkets recorded a 5% annual increase in their turnover during the first week of September, according to IRI Hellas statistics, in contrast to forecasts for a sales slump.

Market professionals view this result positively as the decline of tourism in July and August led many chains to losses in excess of 10% at tourist destinations, so expectations for the start of September were not at all high.

However, the IRI survey across 340 fast-moving consumer goods for the week from August 31 to September 6 showed sales of 120.5 million euros, against €114.81 million a year earlier. Since the start of the year supermarket turnover has been on a rising course, which so far has come to 9.7%.

The basket of those 340 products showed a rise across all categories. Food sales increased 3.4%, homeware products advanced 7.7% and personal care commodities grew 7%, while the...

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