LocalElections2020/ Internal Affairs minister says special zones of intervention established countrywide

The minister of Internal Affairs, Marcel Vela, announced on Saturday that special intervention zones were ordered for the local elections in all the counties of the country, and that control teams have been formed to verify how the police are carrying out their missions. "We have made some important decisions to ensure that the electoral process is conducted in the best possible conditions. In this election too we ordered the establishment of special intervention zones in 689 localities, in all the counties of the country. For this, we have evaluated together with the specialists in the ministry four criteria: the history of incidents, current incidents in the election campaign, floating visas, as well as the data and information held either by the Ministry of Internal Affairs or found themselves in the public space in open sources," said Marcel Vela, at the MAI headquarters. He added that task forces and intervention reserve teams were set up in each county. "A second decision we made was on the establishment of task forces and intervention reserves in each county, so that on any phone call to dingle number 112, at any incident we will be present as soon as possible. At the same time, at every county inspectorate, so in every county in Romania, there are teams that will monitor and guide the county inspectorates. Since the 25th (September - n.r.) we have deployed 82 central-level officers to the county level on a monitoring and mentoring mission," the minister announced. Marcel Vela also stated that control teams have been formed to verify how the police are carrying out their missions. "At the level of the areas that are formed between 4 and 5 counties will activate control teams from the Control Body of the Minister of Internal Affairs, together with colleagues from the Control Corps of the IGPR (Romanian Police General Inspectorate) or the Border Police or the Gendarmerie, so that they will check how the ministry's employees carry out the missions they have in their competence," Vela said. Furthermore, the minister of the Interior said that at the ministry level a coordination group will operate until the end of the voting process, and at the county level a task force that will coordinate all activities, so that any incident, any contravention, any crime will be evaluated and dealt with operatively.AGERPRES(RO - author: Mihai Stoica, editor: Andreea Rotaru; EN - editor: Maria Voican)

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