Trump-Biden debate; vulgar exchanges, concern for the ‘day after’

Viewers were not left feeling any wiser from the first 2020 United States presidential debate: Shame, disappointment, anger and concern about the "day after" was all we were left with after watching the cockfight between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

We did not witness a fruitful debate on different ideas and proposals, but had to endure irritating noise instead. If anything, it was an insult to American citizens and voters, and certainly not a presidential debate worthy of the world's strongest democracy.

Analysts and pollsters appear to agree that Joe Biden walked away the winner of the night, against the Republican incumbent. Most undecided voters are now leaning towards the Democratic candidate. Still, we are looking at an entirely different ballgame as the number of these voters is nowhere near what it was in the past, and hence they play less of a role in deciding...

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