Why is the Oruc Reis back out at sea?

On September 22, Greece and Turkey announced that they would engage in exploratory talks. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is unlikely to have seen this particular development as a desirable conclusion to the 35-days crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean for a number of reasons.

Maritime zones are the only topic on the agenda of the talks and Turkey is naturally seeking to expand their scope to, for example, its demand for the demilitarization of the islands of the eastern Aegean or its challenge of Greek sovereignty over certain island territories. The exploratory talks, moreover, have no deadline, similarly to the 60 rounds of talks in 2002 that led nowhere.

This already bad set of circumstances for Turkey was made even worse by the conclusions of the last European Council summit, which confirmed in Paragraph 16 that the exploratory talks would be aimed "at the...

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