Northern Greece crucial to US energy plans

There is "good news on the energy front, good news on the ports - all the kind of things that can make life better for the people of Thessaloniki and the region," US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in the northern port city during last month's visit to the country, in comments that underscored the crucial role northern Greece is playing in America's geopolitical energy plans.

What are some of these plans? Carrying out more American investments, particularly in the field of digital technology, and mobilizing the ports of Alexandroupoli and Kavala in a bid to wean Europe off Russian energy by channeling American natural gas via the northern Greek coast to the Balkans and Central Europe.

The Americans are raising a wall of geopolitical investments along the coastal front of the Haemus peninsula - with Thessaloniki at the center and Alexandroupoli as the flagship -...

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