7th Administrative Court

Turkish interior ministry to pay 10,000 liras to French student for Gezi detainment: Court

A French student who was deported after being detained by the police during Istanbul's Gezi Park protests on June 11, 2013, has won 10,000 Turkish Liras in compensation for being unlawfully deprived of her freedom during her detention.

Ankara court halts construction plans in Ulus historic city center

A local court in Ankara has ruled for a stay of execution on the reconstruction plan of Ankara's historic Ulus city center on the grounds that the plan does not serve the public good. The Ankara 7th Administrative Court ruled for the stay of execution over the 1/5,000-scaled construction plan at Ulus Square in Ankara.

Mosque construction halted in Istanbul grove, Üsküdar Municipality declares

Istanbul’s Üsküdar Municipality has decided to halt the construction of a small mosque next to the Validebağ grove, after activists continued to brave inclement weather by camping out on the site to prevent the cutting down of the grove's trees.

Shack owner wins lawsuit against municipality over eviction from Istanbul neighborhood

The owner of a shack on Istanbul’s Asian side has won his lawsuit against the Kadıköy Municipality over his forced eviction as part of an urban redevelopment project, news website Bianet reported on July 23.

Yüksel Dum’s previous home was in a shanty town located in the Küçükbakkalköy neighborhood, where 250 Roma families lived until 2006.