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175 Years Since the Birth of Bulgarian Revolutionary and Poet Hristo Botev

The 175th anniversary of the birth of revolutionary poet Hristo Botev will be celebrated on January 6 across the country with rituals with the participation of representative units from the Ground Forces, the Air Force, the Navy, the Joint Special Operations Command, and the National Guard.

Greece celebrates October 28th: Pilot’s message “Honor to those who guard Thermopylae”

An impressive demonstration of acrobatics and daring maneuvers was presented for one more year by the "ZEUS" team of the Hellenic Air Force, with the "protagonist" being the F-16 Block52+ Fighting Falcon aircraft of the 340th Squadron belonging to the 115th Fighter Wing and piloted by the major, Christodoulos Giakoumis.

Bulgaria Hosts the Joint Exercise "Balkan Spirit - 2022"

The tripartite traditional joint exercise "Balkan Spirit - 2022" is being held from today, August 22, to September 2, 2022 on the territory of the Plovdiv and Pazardzhik regions. Formations from the Special Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria, Romania and the Republic of Greece participate in it. Tasks will also be performed jointly with the Air Force of the Bulgarian Army.