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Five "tank killers" from Cyprus: A powerful helicopter is arriving in Serbia

According to the unofficial information of "Novosti", negotiations are underway for five aircraft that the Cypriot army owns in its air force. The first aircraft could arrive as early as this year. After this delivery, the fleet of flying "tank killers" in the Serbian Army will number a total of nine helicopters.

‘Modernization plans of F-16s vital for Türkiye’

Türkiye has to give importance to the modernization plans to balance the air power in the Aegean in case of Greece's new aircraft projects, retired Turkish Air Force commander General Abidin Ünal has aid, adding that Türkiye should also rely on its domestic infrastructure.

One of the most discussed issues recently is the balance of power in the air force between Türkiye and Greece.

Day 328 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Putin wants Donbas Captured by March (UPDATED)

Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours:

Embarrassing comments about the Russian attack on Dnipro cost Oleksii Arestovych his resignation

The adviser to the chief of staff of the Ukrainian president, Oleksii Arestovych, is resigning, he announced on Facebook.

175 Years Since the Birth of Bulgarian Revolutionary and Poet Hristo Botev

The 175th anniversary of the birth of revolutionary poet Hristo Botev will be celebrated on January 6 across the country with rituals with the participation of representative units from the Ground Forces, the Air Force, the Navy, the Joint Special Operations Command, and the National Guard.

Greece celebrates October 28th: Pilot’s message “Honor to those who guard Thermopylae”

An impressive demonstration of acrobatics and daring maneuvers was presented for one more year by the "ZEUS" team of the Hellenic Air Force, with the "protagonist" being the F-16 Block52+ Fighting Falcon aircraft of the 340th Squadron belonging to the 115th Fighter Wing and piloted by the major, Christodoulos Giakoumis.