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Ciuca: Six servicemen treated in Germany, repatriated; happy to return them to their families before Christmas

Six Romanian soldiers who were treated in Germany, four of whom were wounded in Afghanistan in October, were repatriated on Thursday by an Air Force aircraft, which also carried medical equipment for intensive care donated to Romania by the Berlin authorities.

Carpathian Pumas Mali mission - proof of Romanian forces' capability to tackle extremely difficult theaters of operation

Minister of National Defense Nicolae Ionel Ciuca, attending today at the 'Mihail Kogalniceanu' Air Base the homecoming ceremony for the Carpathian Pumas Helicopter Detachment at the end of their Mali mission conducted under the auspices of the UN, said that the Romanian Army has once again proven that it can fulfill complex missions in extremely difficult theaters of operation.

Mystery Rocket was Launched in Space this Sunday

The US Air Force has successfully launched its Atlas V rocket, carrying a X-37B space plane for a secretive mission.

The rocket launched on Sunday from Cape Canaveral, a day after bad weather halted plans for a Saturday launch.

The aircraft, also known as an Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV), will deploy a satellite into orbit and also test power-beaming technology.

New team of Carpathian Pumas Detachment, in Mali

The troops of the Carpathian Pumas Detachment took over on Tuesday the missions from their colleagues who acted, between October 2019 - April 2020, in the first rotation of the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Republic of Mali / MINUSMA, shows a release from the Ministry of National Defence (MApN).