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Bulgaria’s Chief of Defense: There is currently No Direct Threat to National Security

"Currently there is no direct threat to the national security and sovereignty of Bulgaria, all measures are being taken in national and collective format to prevent a security breach," said on BNT, Chief of Defense Admiral Emil Eftimov.

Akar says Turkish Navy is ‘on alert’, accuses Greece of ‘provocations’

Straight on the heels of the recent barrage of Turkish violations of Greek airspace, with flights over large, inhabited Aegean islands such as Rhodes and Kalymnos and the Imia rock islets (that led the two countries to the brink of war in 1996), and two strongly-worded Greek foreign ministry demarches to Ankara's ambassador to Athens, Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar unleashed yet another a

Turkey's air force pulls out of military exercise in Athens

Turkey's air force has pulled out of a military exercise scheduled to be held in Greece next month, security sources said on April 30 saying that preparatory documents singled out Ankara.

The military exercise dubbed "Tiger Meet" is intended to promote solidarity between the participating states' fleets and is held annually.

Ukraine gets warplanes as Mariupol officer warns facing ’last days’

Ukraine received fighter jets to help resist the Russian invasion, as Moscow intensified its offensive in the east where a besieged officer in Mariupol warned on April 20 his forces were facing their "last days, if not hours".

The West has responded to a renewed Russian push into the Donbas region with fresh weapons for Kyiv and a push to increase "Moscow's international isolation".

Joining NATO in the summer?

According to unnamed U.S. officials, the two countries' membership in the alliance has become a "topic of discussions and numerous meetings" in talks between NATO foreign ministers. Finland is expected to submit the request in June, followed by Sweden.