Albanian army

20 years since start of heroic Battle of Kosare

The Battle of Kosare was fought on the slopes of Junik and Prokletije mountains, on the border with Albania, where our army heroically resisted, without retreating by an inch, a multi-week offensive mounted by the terrorist KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army"), the Albanian army, and the mujahideen, backed up by the Western military alliance's bombs.

Albania has Received Humvee Military Jeeps from the United States

The Albanian Defense Ministry said the United States has secured the first Humvee military jeeps designed to reinforce Albanian army capabilities, the Associated Press reported.

The announcement yesterday that the first six out of a total of 248 Jeep Humvee have arrived in Albania within a USD 12 million aid package, BTA reported.

Albania Opposition Urges Interior Minister to Quit

Albanian Interior Minister Sajmir Tahiri told parliament that he does not intend to resign and called on the General Prosecutor to investigate oposition claims about his alleged crime links to drugs smugglers.

The opposition claims Tahiri has links to drug dealers and that the police have been infiltrated by criminal elements that protect the drug traffic routes.

Albania Police Comb Lazarat, Hunting Cop killer

Albanian police have continued combing the village of Lazarat, conducting house-to-house searches to find members of the armed group that on Wednesday killed 31-year-old special forces officer Ibrahim Basha in an ambush.

Since the operation started on Wednesday, police have detained dozens of suspects, mostly young man, for questioning by prosecutors.