Albanian police

Democracy Digest: Signs, Trains and Espionage in Czechia

Czechia's centre-right government has agreed a "neutral stance' on a controversial bill to enshrine marriage as between a man and a woman in the constitution, Prime Minister Petr Fiala announced on Wednesday. The legislation was proposed in response to the 'threat' posed by the recent submission of a parliamentary bill to legalise gay marriage.

Three years to the day – The report of Katsifas’ murder: “The Albanian police kills Greek in Northern Epirus! (photos) (Upd.)”

Three years after the Albanian police executed him in cold blood the Albanian authorities have not issued the official report on the incident

Albanian Police Arrested in International Anti-Drug Trafficking Raids

A screen from Italian police footage showing drug seizures during the operation.

Among those arrested are both current and former Albanian police officers. SPAK described two of the arrested as officers who "at the time when they carried out their illegal activities in 2016 were members of the staff of the [then] Minister of Interior".